ESPN – Brewers vs. Braves – Box Score – June 25, 2008

Jorge Campillo figured out the secret — the lineup isn’t going to win the game for you, you’re going to have to do it yourself. He went 2-3 with two runs scored, plus pitched seven innings of two-run baseball despite the usual defense. It was largely his own incompetent defense that led to two runs in the third, throwing away a bunt to let the leadoff man get to second. Lillibridge, in for Infante, who pulled his hamstring running the bases and was only in because Escobar had an injured shoulder/was being disciplined for acting like a baby last night… Uh, where was I? Right, Lillibridge. Anyway, he deflected a ground ball that would have scored the first run anyway, and for some reason it was called a double, and led to the second run.

At this point, Campillo figured it out, and got on with a one-out single in the third. Blanco singled, and KJ doubled off the wall with two out to tie the game. Brandon Jones led off the fifth with a double, and Bobby called off the bunt and let Campillo swing away, getting a single. Blanco singled in Jones, and Campillo went to third on the hit. KJ beat out an infield single, scoring Campillo to make it 4-2, though the Braves should have gotten at least one more run.

That was it for the scoring. The Brewers got a couple runners in scoring position, one in the seventh off of Campillo, one in the eighth off of Boyer, but couldn’t get them in. Lillibridge had his first hit, a double in the eighth, but was stranded when Chipper (hitting for Brandon) struck out. Gonzalez let the leadoff man reach, but struck out the last two to end it.

Francoeur was 1-3 with an ealk, and sucks, but managed to not make any really egregious mistakes in the outfield.