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  1. Weird thing… I wrote this thread yesterday afternoon. Overnight, Sydney Pollack — whose name comes up as Exec Producer at the beginning of this clip — died. Total coincidence.

  2. Does anyone know if Campillo is going to miss his next start? I would assume that he would to allow those blisters to heal, but I wasn’t sure. Also, if he is going to miss, will they be using Carlyle (ugh), or call up Morton to give him a shot???

  3. Mac, ever think about posting the game info in the game thread?

    Would be nice to not have to check another site for starting pitchers and game time.

  4. I almost always write these posts ahead of time, sometimes several days ahead. It’s not really feasible, and I usually don’t know the start time for evening games until I look it up on my TV. Usually someone posts the lineups.

  5. How dare you be so proactive, Mac. You should learn to procrastinate like me – it makes things alot more interesting.

  6. Maybe some kind of permanent box/banner just above the game thread that can easily be updated with the info? Hell I’m sure someone here would even volunteer to do it.

  7. I’ve got a pocket schedule taped to my desk. All I have to do is adjust for Pacific Time.

    Why not link to the Braves’ site? Wouldn’t that do?

  8. There is a link to the official site on the sidebar (cleverly titled “Braves’ Official Site) but there’s no way I know of to automatically grab just the text of the next-game mention.

  9. My wife wants to go to Atlanta to watch some Braves games for our 1-year anniversary – and I thought that was good…

  10. “Real Simple Syndication”.

    I added, for example, the little “Braves News” feed that’s now under the poll, but I don’t know that I like it.

  11. I decided that the widget I put together was too garish. Anyway, there are now RSS feeds for the official site and the AJC under the tip jar on the right sidebar.

  12. Okay, speaking of garish there’s the ESPN thing I’ll try out. It doesn’t have probables but does have game time. Again, it’s under the tip jar. I moved the news feeds to the lower left.

  13. Not that I’m still annoyed that Corky, along with his .087 BA, graces our roster and Pena is gone, but….

    I saw this quote from Cox about Pena from a couple of days ago (sorry if someone already pointed to it, I couldn’t recall seeing it):

    “Great kid. What an organizational treasure he is.”

    I would love to hear what he considers Corky if Pena was an organizational treasure.

    And just for fun, when I was looking at the Braves site for his BA, I noticed this little box at the bottom:

    Fantasy Comparison:
    Brian McCann 464
    Geovany Soto 452
    Mike Napoli 372
    Bengie Molina 366
    Corky Miller -5

    That says it all. Well, that concludes my therapy (Resop leaving helped a lot — he was a live arm treasure you know) and I think I can move on now.

  14. Back from Motown. Went to a Tigers game on Friday, a 9-4 loss to Minnesota. Down 5-0, Leyland got ejected & it “inspired” the Tigers to score 4 in their very next frame.

    Nice park, a lot like many of the new ones. Lotsa good sight lines, lotsa places to spend your money. It seems that any ball hit into the gap can be a triple, even for a lard-ass catcher.

    Talking with Tiger fans, the big regrets this year seem to be not having Andrew Miller or Jair Jurrjens. They’re also a little unsure about the long-term deal given to Cabrera.

    Most Popular Tiger: Curtis Granderson.

    Least Popular Tiger: Gary Sheffield. He hit a HR that night, but he came into the game hitting .202.

    Tiger Who’s Not as Popular As You’d Think: Justin Verlander.

    Like Verlander, the rest of their pitching has been awful—I saw Galarraga nibble & nibble until he got wacked—but they’ve also been shut out 8 or 9 times already. They broke out for 19 runs the next day, but they’re just a bad team right now.

    The D was a hopping town this weekend for sure.

  15. Here’s to busting up the road win jinx.

    Maybe my next toast will be to the gasoline increase jinx.

  16. Mike, what do you usually do with treasure? Bury it!

    By the way, Mac, I like the RSS feeds. Thank you.

  17. @30, I’d gladly take Verlander off their hands!

    Francouer and Chuck J. for Verlander. Count it!

    There are reasonable baseball folks in Detroit to stop such a thing though. Dang it.

  18. Thank God the Brewers have their pitcher hitting 9th. I’d hate to hear what Chip and “the Lemmer” would have to say about anything that goes against conventional baseball wisdom.

  19. Honest question:

    Before Skip Caray became one of the best announcers ever, was there a time period when he was an insufferable, arrogant ass on the air? Basically, I’m wondering if he learned how to be a good broadcaster after being a crappy one for a while.

    More explicitly, I’m wondering if there’s a chance that Chip will ever learn how to not suck at broadcasting baseball.

  20. given his habit of getting hurt, I’m not sure Chipper should have been running on that fly

  21. I don’t remember Skip ever being anything other than unrelentingly awesome. I don’t complain too much about Chip anymore now that Mark Lemke has gotten more time in the booth.

  22. Well here’s Frenchy’s chance to get some more bandwagon action…

  23. Gameday says 3 balls to McCann followed by one intentional ball; is that what happened?

  24. Dan-

    Yeah, they were clearly pitching around him. Since he hadn’t offered on the first three, they just put him on.

  25. Two things…

    1. While I think it’s obvious that McCann is more valuable than Francoeur, and that everyone knows this except for Delta Airlines and Francoeur himself, why don’t the Braves value Johnson more than Francoeur? I can’t think of anything Francoeur does better than KJ. Not one thing.

    2. The Brewers are pretty righthanded, as Jon just pointed out. There are only three righthanded hitters on their roster (other than pitchers), and only Fielder has been a regular this year, though if Branyan sticks that will give them a platoon player. So there is a team more righthanded than Arizona.

    Oh, a third thing — Coldplay sucks.

  26. Sometimes. It usually works pretty well.

    The bottom half of the Mets lineup tonight is Damian Easley, Fernando Tatis, Ramon Castro, and Nick Evans.

    $140 million payroll folks.

  27. How bad do you have to be to allow Gregor Blanco to hit a homer in the power alley?

  28. Ever look at Resop’s name spelled backwards? Think about it.

  29. hold everything – Lance Cormier sighting in the Bal game. 2 ground outs and 2 k’s (Betemit is one of them)

    now you can continue what ever you were doing…

  30. The Brewers were the team that Willie Harris hit his one road homerun against last season.

  31. Bush’s pitch count is looking pretty low in general. Maybe they want to get in out of the cold.

  32. Dave Bush making Kelly Johnson and Chipper Jones look bad in a row there.

    Hudson for complete game?

  33. Rogers said that Soriano had a good bullpen session today, and if his shoulder responds well tomorrow that he could be activated Thursday.

  34. It feels like Smoltz and Soriano have been “just a day away” for about a week-and-a-half now.

  35. Diaz is an easy guy to pull for. I hope he gets it turned around.

  36. And maybe Benji Molina & Sean Casey.

    I actually laugh whenever I see Sean Casey trying to beat out an infield hit.

  37. is there any way Bobby calls on Boyer after his two innings yesterday? With Tim’s pitch count at 88, I dont see him going more than one more

  38. Hehe! Pete just called Prince Fielder “Cecil Fielder”. There really is some family resemblance there. :-)

  39. With Hudson, I’m less concerned with the pitch count than that he just allowed two fly balls (one foul). That means he’s tiring.

  40. trying to bunt for a hit with the slow guy who just hurt his knee?

    not even bobby wouldve called for that…that must’ve been all diaz.

  41. I love it when Francouer makes an out before they can even get back on the air…

  42. Why on Earth do you bunt when you’re ankle is screwed up? I mean, that’s just dumb….

  43. I think we need to replace Diaz. He looked like Pegleg Pete running down the line there.

    And, um, why was he bunting when he just hurt his leg?

  44. yeah and now they got two outs on two pitches, way to work the count and let the pitcher rest

  45. Chip has that one right. This is MLB; get some MF padding on that gate!

  46. he went between the two gates and squared up his knee on solid concrete, I’m sure its hurting

  47. I also don’t get why Infante plays CF when both he and Blanco are in the game. Blanco’s a good CF, no? Maybe Infante’s better, but you don’t often find utility IFs who play a better CF than a guy who’s been doing it his whole career….

  48. They say it’s because Infante hasn’t played much in the corners, while Blanco has.

    Anyway, Hudson’s tired, like I thought. Time to relieve him. Except that there’s nobody out there Bobby trusts except maybe Bennett.

  49. Stockman selfishly tries to pile up his own stats with the strikeouts instead of working his defense like a good, veteran teammate. I think that’s his problem.

  50. What’s up with Gameday? Both mlb.com and espn.com’s Gameday apps are independently stuck in the middle of the 7th — at least, on my computer they are.

  51. MS@E, that’s the first explanation for Stockman’s burial in the pen that I’ve heard, and unfortunately, I almost think it sounds plausible.

  52. Double by Branyan, RBI single by Hardy. Grounder by the remains of Kendall, Hardy to second. Strikeout of Counsell. Lineout by Weeks to end the inning.

  53. Huddy got out of it with a flyout to left. Great game by him. Up to the bullpen from here…

  54. Heh. Yahoo! is stuck, too.

    Anyhow, Huddy’s out of it. Weeks lined out to LF for the final out. They were getting it in the air against him last inning, but he was getting lots of grounders up ’til then.

    Anyhow, good outing for Huddy. 8 hits, no walks, and a bunch of Ks.

    Except wait, Huddy’s hitting for himself. WTF.

  55. Thanks, Mac — thank goodness, Gameday’s back on, so I can watch Meatballs and the game at the same time. It’s sort of like a lifelong dream.

  56. Right after your tiring pitcher strikes out, why wouldn’t Yunel swing at the first pitch and get out.

  57. Does Tavarez still sport that cap with the dark spot of illegal substance on it? He got away with that garbage for years before they did anything about it.

  58. Because he’s about to face the heart of the order for the fourth time, because he’s been getting hit hard the last two innings, and because he’ll be starting the inning over 100 pitches. He’s tired and leaving the ball up.

    It’s possible that he’ll just face Cameron and Braun, then Ohman will get the fat guy, but Braun is 3-3 today.

  59. Dude, if it’s a good pitch, rip it. If Hudson struggles next inning, it won’t be because Escobar didn’t take a couple pitches. It might be the 102 he’s already delivered, though…

  60. Because he’s giving up a lot of hits all of a sudden and is starting to look tired? And he has been throwing a lot of pitches in his past few outings and could probably use a rest.

  61. If anyone needs to go 8, it’s Hudson. Weren’t we the last team to get a CG the past two years? He’s our #1 starter; he needs to stretch out. I’m not talking Mark-Prior-rookie-year stretching out, but dadgum, he’s gotta last more than 102 pitches.

  62. Hudson was at 102 before the inning started. He’s got the first two guys. Let’s see if he can get Fielder before we first-guess our HoF manager for leaving in his ace.

  63. I’d still take him out. He could use a rest and who is to say that this extra inning doesn’t tire him enough to effect his next start?

  64. And now the go-ahead run is in scoring position, and you have the option of facing Branyan, or bringing in Ohman just to see Hall hit for him.

  65. lol there is a lot of things bouncing around under neath that jersey when Fielder runs.

  66. That’s something you don’t hear often: “Russell Branyan draws the intentional walk.”

  67. Cox reminds me of that drunk crackhead at the gas station very carefully picking out scratch off tickets.

  68. Seriously? There’s like 90 guys in the bullpen, why is this happening?

  69. The Brewers announcer just made the very astute announcement after the play was over, apparently that ball hit Tim Hudson.

  70. Can we get dinked and dunked anymore this freaking inning? A shift-induced grounder with eyes, a ball off the glove, and a ball off the mound. What the heck?

  71. 120 pitches – are they taking him out yet? Even MY arm is starting to hurt.

  72. I gotta admit: I’d have no clue what I’d do here. Do you let him get out of the inning, or do you bring in a cold reliever with the bases loaded? Smoltz, where are you?

  73. I wasnt gonna drink anything tonight, but after that inning….im gettin a beer.


  74. I’m happy with just one run. Bullpen would have had trouble too going through the heart of the order

  75. You don’t have Hudson load the bases. You bring in Ohman, and if they hit Hall for Branyan, Ohman walks him and you bring in Bennett Or you bring in Bennett to pitch around Branyan.

  76. I know our bullpen is good, but if you bring in Ohman to pitch to Fielder, the same thing could have occurred. None of those balls were hit that hard. I’m sorry, but with your #1 starter having thrown 102 pitches in darn-near June, you gotta leave him out there. I know we gave up the run, but I’m gonna support Bobby here.

  77. why wouldnt you bring in Ring, he’s better when coming in with runners on and better against lefties

  78. Mac, why the heck not? He gives up a nubber to Fielder, Hart’s ball kicks off Chipper’s glove, and then you IBB another guy. Why is that indefensible. He was at 111 before Fielder. He wasn’t at 130.

  79. Again, Hart pulled the ball hard. Hudson’s throwing in the mid-eighties probably by this point, Boyer and Bennett throw about ten MPH harder.

  80. Mac, so you pull him after Fielder bunts his way on? I’m sorry. You take this chance.

  81. Tied 2-2, headed to the top of the 10th, after Bobby decided to leave Hudson in despite the fact that he was gassed by the time Gameday conked out for you, billy.

  82. Mac, according to Gameday, Hudson’s fastball to Hart was at 93. His velocity and stuff was still there.

  83. The Braves can’t win Hudson vs. Odalis Perez or Hudson vs. Dave Bush?

    Another one-run and road loss?

  84. The reason you don’t bring in Bennett once the bases are loaded is because he doesn’t have good control. At that point you about have to leave Huddy in. But, Bennett should have started the inning.

  85. you dont make that freakin pitch to Cameron with first base open. this is ridiculous

  86. Shame. Shoulda brought in the lefty for Fielder.

    I mean, that’s the reason he’s on the roster.

  87. If we lose a game where we had an obvious pitching matchup advantage, I’m not optimistic about the rest of the roadtrip when the other team will have better starting pitchers for the most part.

  88. Hall gets a single, bunted over, steals 3rd base, sacrifice fly to end it.

    Apparently small ball does work. At least, it works against us.

    Oh, blasphemy vulgarity profanity expletive.

  89. it was a full count and Cameron has been bad on everything off speed – I’m pissed

  90. Yuck. I finally get to watch a game. Yay.

    It’s tough to win when you only score two. We can second-guess this and second-guess that, and pick apart every little decision, but when your offense puts up two sticks on the linescore, you aren’t going to win much.

    Great game by Hudson tonight. 8 IP, 2 ER. Can’t do much better than that.

  91. Well Cox didn’t trust his bullpen…and it was them (Bennett) who blew it.

    The throw was from Infante, correct?

  92. Got to think the decision to leave Hudson in was due to the burning of Acosta and Boyer for 2 innings each yesterday.

  93. Dude, Fielder didn’t hit the ball hard. Ohman or Ring could have given up a 42 hopper. You gotta score some runs. Bottomline.

  94. Blanco was the one who made the through, but the real problem of the inning was when Hall was allowed to waltz into third without a throw. He shouldn’t have been on third when Cameron popped it up. You have to at least look like you’re paying attention to a guy on second when he’s the winning run.

  95. The problem wasn’t with Fielder. That was a good pitch. The 0-2 to Hart was bad and the Tex double play really sealed it. I really thought that DP sealed the game.
    Hudson had to last a while because Boyer and Acosta both went 2 yesterday…

  96. Blanco made the throw and it was as good as it could be. The problem was the pitch – it was a full count with 1st base open. You dont throw a fastball inside there. Throw something offspead and away to try and get the strikeout or grounder and if you walk him, no big deal. Our biggest problem is that Bobby thinks we only have 4 relievers and he only trust three of them. Until he starts letting Carlyle, Stockman, Ring, and Ohman more we are going to start having these types of problems. Pitchers get fatigued and cant put the ball where they need too

  97. here’s a telling stat on this offense tonight also

    innings 1-2 = 2R 3H 36 pitches seen

    innings 3-9 = 0R 4H 72 pitches

    Yunel had three 1 pitch outs, Frenchy had two, Diaz had at least one

  98. FWIW, I didn’t have a problem leaving Huddy in to face the other guys after Fielder had managed to reach. I just think you bring in the LOOGY to get one out against a LHP with 2 outs in the bottom of the 8th, especially when it’s a good lefty, your starter is tired, and there’s no way your starter is going 9 anyways.

  99. What is it about Hudson that makes him just go nuts after he goes 6 innings? For some reason, it just seems like he does this way too many times.

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