ESPN – Mets vs. Braves – Box Score – May 22, 2008

Even with Johan Santana on the mound, the Mets can’t win. Santana did his best, and kept the Braves to a single, “unearned”, run through six. But he got let down by defensive miscues and sleepwalking offense. I could only follow the game online, but from comments — and appearances — the Mets are a thoroughly dispirited team right now.

The Mets didn’t really rally at all in this game. They got back to back homers in the second from Beltran and the Corpse, but never put sequential offense together; they were too busy hitting into three double plays. Tim Hudson, after the second, was terrific; he allowed only three other hits, didn’t walk anyone, and struck out four. 68 of his 100 pitches were strikes. (For any Mets fans out there, that’s 68 percent strikes.)

But Santana kept it close through what sounded like a whole series of Prados and lackadaisical plays. He’s probably not completely health (his velocity seems 3-4 MPH off) and struck out only one while allowing twelve hits, but kept the ball in the yard and hoped his defense could help him. It couldn’t. After KJ drove in Teixeira (who had reached on an error) in the second, Santana walked the tightrope. In the seventh, he fell. KJ doubled, and from what I hear it should have been held to a single. Hudson got down a two-strike bunt, and then, selfishly, instead of making a productive out Omar Infante (still in the leadoff spot for no reason) singled him home. A wild pitch moved him to second, and a single from Kotsay made it first and third. Chipper and Teixeira followed with singles and it was 4-2.

Hudson got a double play to get out of a first-and-second situation in the eighth. Acosta let the leadoff man on then allowed a line drive, but it was caught by KJ (player of the game, in my opinion) and turned into a double play. Ohman got the Corpse to fly out to end it.

The Braves had twelve hits, including two apiece from Kotsay, Chipper, and Teixeira. KJ, banished to the eighth spot, had three. They should probably start batting him behind the pitcher just to be careful.