I’m quite ill

I would come up with some sort of jokes for a new thread, but frankly my brain isn’t working very well right now. Anyway, this is an open thread.

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  1. And a pretty good joke at that . . .

    I’m pretty sure I know some little leaguers that could keep up with his performance today


  2. When I saw the title of this thread I thought you were going to say something like Borchard has made the team as part of a platoon in Leftfield. It was a scary thought.

  3. Smoltz will likely start the season on the DL because of discomfort in his right shoulder. Even though the Braves official site says it’s nothing serious and he might not miss any regular season starts, I am definitely concerned. Hell, they said it was nothing serious when Hampton went down!

  4. Reading Smoltz’s quotes, I think it’s almost certain he will NOT start the season on the DL.

  5. Well, the Tar Heels just ran off a 113-74 win, with the walk-ons playing the last 4 and change. Yeah, it was against Mount Saint Mary’s, but I’ll take an easy win this early. And finally, Ty Lawson looked like his old self.

  6. Wow, Drese had this bizarre and nightmarish line:

    Drese (BS, 1)(L, 1-1)
    1.0 1 6 6 6 0 0 12.96

  7. Yeah, Seat, i told you:

    UNC looks SCARRY…all the other 1 seeds look unmotivated. the best looking teams have been:

    UNC, Siena, Davidson (wow, Curry’s a stud), Memphis and Villanova.

  8. Well,,,,this is a stupid question though….
    I searched former pitching coach, Leo Mazzone’s article. He is available now? What I am saying is he ain’t belong to anything? I think still I cannot give him up. I know that is unrealizable.

  9. Good point, brule. I don’t know what the level of commitment to McDowell is, but I would love to have Mazzone back in the fold.

    I don’t really get it. He helps Bedard make “the leap” to acedom, and he gets canned. I kind of understand a new manager wanting to bring in his own guys, I guess, but he was doing pretty well.

    I’d love to have him with the Braves in some capacity, even if it’s just an advisory role to McDowell for now.

  10. but I would love to have Mazzone back in the fold.

    JoeyT…and WHY would you want that? he is a master, but it’s time to move away from the early 90s and live or die with McDowell.

    funny thing is that Mazzone is NOT viewed as the genius many viewed him as when he was here in Atlanta. i guess it goes to show you that you need TALENT to make TALENT look good.

  11. Regarding Mazzone, I always thought his ‘genius’ rep came more from his work with retreads than it did with Maddux/Glavine/Smoltz. Anyone could make those guys look good. But after you start looking at a few along the lines of John Burkett, Chris Hammonds, etc. you begin to wonder: is there something in the water in Atlanta, or is there something else going on?

    It could be that Mazzone was a wizard of a pitching coach. It could also be that Schuerholz was good at finding pitching diamonds (or at least semi-precious stones) in the rough. I don’t think we can say.

  12. re: UNC-

    They give up 72 points to a #16 and we say they looked “scary”? Common. Everyone knows that team can score, but unless they magically learn how to play defense, someone’s just going to out-score them one night.

    On my bracket, it’s Tennessee.

  13. Just heard on ESPN during halftime of the Akron-UMass NIT game that Javy’s been sent to the minors. He hasn’t decided whether to accept the demotion or not, however, according to them.

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