I actually like Yates more now, coming off a season in which he put up a 5.18 ERA, than I did last year, when his ERA was 3.96. This is partly because his statistical components were better. He walked 31 men in 2007, same as in 2006, but in 66 innings versus 50 the year before. He struck out 69, after striking out only 46 the year before — a few more K/9. He allowed the same number of homers. It’s just a little better, but a little better in all three DIPS components. He was just hit-unluckier in 2007 is all.

The other reason is that he was misused. Yates was heavily used at times when the starters weren’t going very deep in games, and he’s not very good when used in back-to-back days. His ERA on no day’s rest was 7.36 (18 1/3 innings), and that understates how badly he pitched — five of the twenty runs he allowed in those situations were scored unearned. Three of his six homers, 14 of his 31 walks, and all three of his HBP occurred in those 18 1/3 innings. With a day or two off to recover, he pitched much better.

Had a massive platoon split, .213/.297/.297 against righthanders, .310/.400/.560 against lefthanders. This wasn’t the case in 2006, and I don’t quite know what to make of it… Another reason for his poor year was that he got only one GIDP after getting six in 2006. Allowed seven stolen bases in eight attempts. That stuff piles up… He and Moylan are the only relievers from 2006 still with the club. (Boyer and Lerew did pitch briefly and poorly that year.)

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