One of the best hitters in baseball, with no weaknesses to speak of. Okay, he doesn’t run well, but who cares? The Braves more or less collapsed after acquiring him, but it was hardly his fault, as he hit .317/.404/.615 in 54 games with the team. He missed 30 games, mostly with injuries, after playing every game in the previous two seasons, but it doesn’t seem to be anything to worry about.

Let’s see… Switch-hitter, hit .357/.435/.565 against lefthanders, .284/.385/.567 against righthanders. No, actually in two games he hit righthanded against righties and was held to .200/.333/.200. So as long as you can get him to bat the wrong way, you’re in good shape. Strikes out a fair bit, but not at a rate to challenge a league leader, and honestly who cares? Most-similar hitters through Age 27 are Hrbek, McGriff, and Will Clark. Needs 30 homers for 200… Won AL Gold Gloves in 2005 and 2006, obviously wasn’t going to last year splitting between the leagues, but didn’t look all that great to me, and few righthanded first basemen are really Gold Glove caliber.

The Braves would love to re-sign him, but Scott Boras likes to take his guys to free agency. (This is not license to talk about Scott Boras. It’s unproductive.) He’ll make a lot on the open market, and it’s hard to see the Braves matching what the AL moneybags will offer, but you can never tell.

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