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If you’re like me — well, then, I’m sorry — but you like weird stat lines. Here’s one. Pete Rose, 1980: 42 doubles, one triple, one homer. He’s the only player in major league history with a season 40 or more doubles, one or no triples, and one or more homers. In fact, he’s the only one with a 35/1/1/ line.

I’m looking for other freaky stat lines. I am not looking for discussion of whether Pete Rose should be in the Hall of Fame, because it’s pointless.

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  1. I believe Ivan Rodríguez became the first and only player ever in 2007 to walk less than ten times and have at least 500 at-bats in one full season.

  2. Pete Rose should not not not be in the Hall of Fame.

    Also, how about Mark McGwire’s line in 2001: .187/.316/.492, 105 OPS+? 299 AB, 56 BB, 56 H, 4 2B, 0 3B, 29 HR, 64 RBI.

    I’d be willing to wager it’s the only season with a sub-Mendoza batting average to produce an OPS+ over 100.

  3. Not a crazy stat, but something I could not believe when I first read it: Guess who’s the winningest pitcher in MLB so far in this decade (2000-07). And guess who is second.

  4. Of course Pete Rose should be in the Hall. Just make sure he pays cash for the ticket, and frisk him on the way out.

  5. The real question with Rose is whether he should be banned from baseball.

    Which is worse, throwing a world series, betting on games you’re managing, corking bats, or using steroids? Feel free to rank the above in order of detestability.

  6. That’s right, ububba. Nice job looking it up. Maddux also was the winningest pitcher in the 90s. Assuming he’s going to pitch in ’09, he has a legitimate shot at becoming the winningest pitcher in TWO decades. How great would that be?

  7. I thought it was Randy Johnson because at one point he was leading in the decade, but that last year really tripped him up.

    I think anything that has to do with gambling is worse than drugs or corked bats. The whole point of the games is the belief that the games are on the level, that the participants are trying to win.

    What Rose did was unforgivable IMO.

  8. I knew I shouldn’t have brought Rose up.

    Changing the subject… I just got a phone call from George O’Leary, and he says that his team is in fact winning the Liberty Bowl due to its explosive offense.

  9. It is baseball’s tragic fate that most of it’s best players – with some notable exceptions, most of them longtime Braves – are complete a**holes, morons, racists or worse.

  10. aww c’mon guys….o’leary is a
    nice man. when i was looking for a job, he offered to help put my resume together.

  11. Another classic one: Nolan Ryan, circa. 1987

    8-16 and he led the league in ERA (2.76) and strikeouts (270).

    Just basic bare-bones, but it’s still weird.

  12. So, I’m a little ignorant when it comes to NCAA regulations and scandals. Why is it not ok for McFadden to have this car? He couldn’t have financed it?

  13. That’s a lot more impressive in 1923 than in 1917, though Washington was a terrible home run park. The next year, Goose Goslin hit 12 homers and the rest of the team hit ten.

  14. In 1994 Steve Nebraska, in the World Series against the Cardinals, struck out all 27 batters on 81 pitches. He also hit 2 homeruns to win the game.

  15. Dave Kingman came close. He had a classic 1982, leading the league in homers for the Mets w/ 37 but hit .204 (with 156 strikeouts versus 109 hits). OPS+ was 99.

    Close, but no dead rat.

  16. Chuck Norris played all nine positions in all seven games… for BOTH teams!

    What? He’s Chuck Norris. He can do anything.

  17. Talk of striking out all batters reminds me of a brain teaser I read once. What is the minimum number of pitches that can theoretically be thrown by one team in a complete nine inning game (27 outs)? It is not the obvious answer.

  18. Nine. It’s possible to walk a batter without throwing a pitch. Then the third batter hits into first-pitch triple plays. Obviously, this is infinite number of monkeys stuff.

  19. That’s not the solution I was looking for, but the number of pitches is correct. How do you walk a batter without throwing a pitch?

  20. Mac’s scenario was to fill the bases with no pitches, then the next batter hits into a triple play. There is at least one other basic way to record three outs with only one pitch thrown. How?

  21. Re: 46, which would make the correct answer zero. Or that’s how I heard this question answered once before.

  22. Theoretically, two pitchers could combine on a complete game.

    Pitcher 1 comes in and allows two men to reach without getting an out. Pitcher 2 comes in from left field, with Pitcher 1 taking his place out there, and gets the first batter to hit into a first-pitch triple play. Repeat nine times. And yes, theoretically it could be zero pitches with three men erased each inning on pickoffs.

  23. My favorite teaser like this is the triple play during which the defense never touches the ball after contact.

  24. The scenario I was thinking of was the first batter reaches safely on one pitch and advances to third (several different ways are possible, but triple is the most straightforward). Then, he tries to steal home but the batter interferes and is called out, runner returns to third. This happens three times.

  25. yep………roll tide………this is maybe the best argument ever for there being too many bowl games………two teams that my bad to mediocre seminoles beat are playing.

  26. Ya know, if Auburn and Tennessee can pull “upsets,” one could really see the SEC going undefeated in the bowls. With MSU and Alabama already having won, and Florida, Georgia, and LSU having no business losing to their respective opponents, we could be looking at a serious SEC domination in the bowls this season.

  27. Before the bowls, I kinda figured the league would go 6-3, like last year. So I’ll not get greedy—just yet.

    I don’t think any of the remaining games are gimmes, actually—certainly not tomorrow’s pair—but I’d agree that Florida should swat Michigan.

    And roll, Bama. You made me nervous for a minute.

  28. The SEC is off to a good start–but I think that there is a good chance that there will be some upsets. In particular, the Georgia and LSU games worry me because in both cases there is a danger of overconfidence.

    Since I have a number of cousins who went to WVU, I cannot forget the way Georgia did not show up for the first half of the Sugar Bowl at the end of the 2005 season. A truly frustrating loss…I know that there are some who come to this site that like Mark Richt, but that loss (a bowl game Georgia should have easily won) still defines my view of him as a coach. If Georgia plays they way they did against West Virginia in the Sugar Bowl, then they will lose. In other words, the DAWGS need to play well for both halfs….

    LSU cannot go into the game thinking that this is reply of Florida’s great victory. Les Miles is not nearly as creative a coach as Urban Meyer and LSU hardly looked impressive during the second half of the season. In addition, Tressel is a good coach, OSU will be on a mission with a chance for redemption.

    Georgia and LSU should win, but bowls often produce upsets….

  29. I think Georgia & LSU have better teams than their opponents. Doesn’t mean Stafford or Flynn won’t throw a stupid INT in a big spot, but I like their lines of scrimmage & that often decides the game. I remain curious to see how Ohio State is going to block LSU.

    I think the Dawgs were definitely overconfident in the Atlanta Sugar Bowl, but I also think that that WVU team was the best they ever had. Georgia couldn’t stop White or Slaton (esp. in the first half) & that’s what killed them.

    What pissed me off about Richt in that game was punting the ball back to WVU in the 4th quarter, down by only 3. My thought was, “We’ve hardly stopped them all game. What makes him think we’ll do it now?” And we didn’t.

    That said, Richt has brought the program back to the elite status we haven’t seen since the Dooley Era. I can quibble about this and that (and I do), but overall I can’t complain too much about the results.

    It’s a little similar to Bobby Cox. People complain about him, but I’ll take him & his success over Eddie Haas or Chuck Tanner, just like I’ll take Richt over Goff or Donnan.

  30. to all Dawg fans,

    Richt version 2007.10 is a different coach. He has elevated his game.

    In the 2006 Sugar Bowl, WVU ran wild for 20 minutes. Then, they moved it some and scored some, but it really wasn’t much. The adjustments caught up with them (but too late for a victory.

    That game was not a blow out. It looked like one because people remember that first 20 minutes.

    I know Willie Martinez loves zone, but he has to come out with 5 DB’s in man from the first play and put it on the D line to chase the quarterback and on the 2 linebackers to help on screens and draws and underneath stuff with an automatic containment blitz by the on side lineback whenever a roll out comes to his side.

    We have a human wave of good defensive players to throw at them and that is the solution to Hawaii’s offense.

    Knowshon and Thomas and Kregg will cave in Hawaii’s defense. So, if the defense can get 40% stops (by turnover, downs, whatever) then it is a definite win.

  31. Are you people really entertaining the possibility that UGA might lose to Hawaii?

    If so, please accept these two slaps across the face (one forehand, one backhand) to snap you out of your delirium.

  32. Who cares about the phoney-baloney bowl games? And whose idea was it to have a bowl game in Boise, Idaho in December? The NFL actually has playoffs to decide the champion? Give me good old real professionals instead of the faux-professionals in college any time. And even though the SEC is the greatest league in the history of sports and cannot ever be beaten in anything (except maybe debate)I predict the SEC will actually lose a bowl game aand riots will break out in Pakistan. (:

  33. Okay, I’ll jump back to the weird stat lines:

    1. Dal Maxvill, 1970 Cardinals, fewest hits for a batter playing in at least 150 games…152 gp, 399 ab, 80 hits, 0 hr, 89 tb, .201 avg

    2. Anthony Young, although he had two awful seasons during the 27-game losing streak my favorite is 1993…1-16 in 39 games with 10 starts, 100.3 innings pitched, only gave up 8 homers, only hit one batter, no wild pitches, and a 3.77 ERA…pretty respectable ERA for today, but the 103 hits allowed and 20 additional unearned runs given up killed him

  34. Cliff,
    I was reading the AJC’s UGA blog from my old friend Chip Towers & he’s pretty sure it’ll be a zone from Martinez. He thinks they’ll come out “keeping everything in front of them.” (Sounds like the Dooley Era.)

    And no, he doesn’t think Hawaii can deal with the Dawgs’ ground game either. I like that Lumpkin’s back. I just hope he’ll hang onto the ball.

    Everyone have a swell & safe NYE.

  35. From where I am sitting 2008 is less than an hour and a half away–Happy New Year to all who enjoy Braves Journal. Thanks once again to Mac and all who contribute to Braves Journal for enriching 2007–at least for this Braves fan.

    Best Wishes for 2008 and that includes seeing the Braves win the World Series!

    Happy New Year!!

  36. Mark, you’re close, but it’s a mirror imagine of the usual way, which goes as follows :)

    Of course, there are a million variations, but the main point is that going as you’re going from left to right, the eyes come before the mouth.

  37. and how many days until spring training starts?…………anyway, HAPPY NEW YEAR to all the braves fans from the (apparently) only non-SEC guy that ever bothers to type a line here.

  38. Ahem, the smileys appear to have been translated by WordPress. What CSG and I were trying to express would have been a colon : followed by a close parens ).

    Hence, “:” + “)” = :)

  39. hey everyone- i am a longtime lurker deciding to make my first comment. and it isnt even about the braves!

    uga will hammer hawaii. i am from seattle and a huge u-dub fan. (make jokes here) the huskies should have beaten hawaii in the last game of the season- they were up 21-0 for crying out loud.

    hawaii had no answer for the huskies team speed (which isnt even good) and they will have no answer for uga’s greater speed. i am betting the mortgage that uga will cover. i think they will win by 14+.

    happy new year.

  40. Wow csg couldn’t see that one coming!?!?!

    Disclaimer: The previous statement was loaded with sarcasm in the posters mind no matter how little of it comes across to you the reader. Carry on.

  41. Thanks everyone for the help. I’m somewhat computer illiterate; fortunately, we have a good IT support staff at work!

    Apparently the Ravens players told management that Billick had “lost” them and couldn’t get them back. I never thought Billick was a particularly good coach but it’s always nice for players to be able to lay their problems on the coach. It’s also nice for the GM to be able to blame the coach.

    Anyway, everyone have a Happy and safe New Year’s Eve tonight!

  42. OK, a triple play where the defense doesn’t touch the ball after it is batted.

    Bases loaded no out, the runners on first and second steal, both winding up past third base, in fair territory with the runner at third. A batted ball comes down the line and hits all three of them simultaneously.

    How’s that?

    (yeah, I’m not holding my breath waiting for thatto happen either.)

  43. 2008 has hit my timezone for a few hours now, so happy new year to everybody here! Thanks Mac for the constant fun and good reading, and hopefully 2008 marks the return of the Braves in the playoffs! Have fun all.

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