Peterson Thomas Gord Orr Era over, probably

The Official Site of Atlanta Braves: Official Info: Press Release
Braves add three players to 40-man roster

Trust the Braves to bury the lede at the very end of the release:

The Braves also activated four players from the 60-day disabled list: infielder Willy Aybar, left-handed pitchers Mike Gonzalez and Mike Hampton and right-handed pitcher Anthony Lerew. Infielder Pete Orr was designated for assignment to reduce the roster to 40.

Whoo-hoo! Break out the Labatt’s!

To be clear, this doesn’t definitely mean the end of Orr in a Braves uniform, because nobody’s going to claim him, because he sucks. So he could easily stay in the organization and sneak onto the roster again.

The three added were Charlie Morton, Jairo Cuevas, and Zach Schreiber, all pitchers.

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  1. we’ll miss his name. surely bobby will pick another woodwardesque favorite though.

    by the way — Adam M’s link to a 1986 blog from a couple of threads ago was hilarious. thanks adam m.

  2. Does anybody know who else is left hanging out there for possible Rule 5 (or whatever they call the damn thing now)pickup? I know that is the reason for the additions.

    What are the reasons for taking people off the DL who can’t play (Mike Gonzalez?)? Do they have to come off before Rule 5 or is ther another reason?

  3. I thought the roster rules were 5 years after 18th birthday if signed on or before 19th birthday and 4 years for everybody signed after that. I don’t know how “partial” years count.

    Anyway, I think this is the end for lot of other prospects of varying degrees. I just re-checked and Dan Smith was signed June of 2003 out of college. He was hurt a lot this year and either the level getting too high or the injury killed him at Richmond. Before that, he locked like a good pitcher.

  4. Is there an official site that tracks roster situation (who is rule 5 eligible, who has “options”, etc.)?

    If not, should Braves Journal Nation create one for us? Maybe it would be better to create it for other teams?

  5. Will Andruw Take One Year?
    According to Scott Boras, his client Andruw Jones will not be taking a one-year deal to rebuild his value. Boras cites Jones’ home run total, RBI total, and Gold Gloves as evidence that he deserves a marquee contract. That might work if it were 1990 and OBP, SLG, and better fielding metrics weren’t standard. Is Boras losing his touch?

    Boras said the same thing a couple of months ago: “I wouldn’t even consider a one-year contract with Andruw Jones.” This was a few days after Andruw admitted he’d listen to any offer.

  6. Scott Boras will probably say that until Andruw does indeed sign a one-year deal. Of course he’s not going to publicly say he’ll listen to one-year offers. That would be stupid since he’s looking for a big contract. I wouldn’t be surprised if Andruw signed a one-year deal somewhere.

  7. I mean, I’m unwilling to say that Andruw definitely will not sign a 1-year contract, but I would be very, very surprised if he does sign a 1-year contract.

  8. I like how Boras refers to himself and his clients… He thinks it should be “I”, instead of “We”. Thats the main problem I have with Boras. He does a great job representing his clients, but he only does it for his own well being

  9. Anybody have any idea what they are going to do with Anthony Lerew? He’s at least a servicable arm, could replace Villareal (if he’s healthy) or some other auxiliary role.

  10. Think Dan Smith is the big name left hanging in the rule V. Holt might eb available too, not sure. Surely someone would pick him as a utility IF.

  11. Milwaukee C Johnny Estrada traded to the Mets for RP Guillermo Mota.

    That’s a good deal for the Mets. I wish they had gotten Torrelalba instead.

  12. i think thorman will pick up where speedy pete and woody once reigned, he may even try to break Langerhans’ lofty numbers.
    Let’s face it, it will be tough to carry 5 players that put up worse numbers than our bench the past few seasons.

  13. In Estrada (280/320/406 career, $3.4 M), the Mets picked up a younger, cheaper, somewhat lesser Paul LoDuca (288/338/414, $6.2 M). They don’t walk much or stikeout much, though LoDuca’s lack of K’s is almost remarkable.

    New York baseball fans like fiery (sometimes at the expense of talent) & I think they’ll like Estrada, who seems to be more of a solid citizen as well. Lo Duca chafed some folks in the organization on a variety of issues.

  14. The White Sox cut Podsednik. Would he be worth considering as a short term option for CF?

    No, please no! We already have Harris/Blanco/Anderson. We don’t need another can’t hit but really speedy OF. Sometimes you wonder if Cox is really a Weaver disciple. Weaver’s take on the Pods type was gold, pure gold!

  15. Seems like a win for the Mets, although it has been three years since Estrada’s one plus year with the bat. His 2004 didn’t seem like a fluke to me while it was happening, but it has to be said that he hasn’t approached that level since, and has been flat-out bad two of the last three seasons. Sort of like Guillermo Mota, now that I think about it.

  16. No to Podednik. We already have Scott jr. in Josh Anderson.

    I’ve never really understood it. Why slappy hitters that can steal are so enamored by baseball men. The heck of it is that Podsednik will end up on a MLB roster next season.

  17. Actually, Estrada had a not terrible year in 2006, for a catcher — 92 OPS+, .302/.328/.444, 11 HR and 71 RBI. The main difference between that year and his All-Star 2004 was a precipitous drop in his already Francoeurian walk rate, from 39 to 13.

    I wonder what it is about him that makes people want to trade him for relievers with shredded arms?

  18. I was under the impression that Estrada was kind of a jerk..

    I seem to remember him showing up his pitcher a time or two. Or am I crazy?

  19. To say that Josh Anderson is another Podsednik is a flattering–there is no real evidence that he is even that good….Lets get a real CF…

    I hate to Mahay go to the Yanks…but I am not surprised.

    I am glad to see that the Braves made room for Cuevas, who apparently has electric stuff–but control problems. In fact, all three of the promoted righthanders have each had some significant control issues…

  20. Only problem is that Podsednik is not really a CF. He plays defensively like a LF, so he actually has less value than Josh Anderson.

  21. Then are we just going to have a big gaping hole in center next season with no one stepping up? Man, now I hope the season doesn’t get here yet. There’s still too much work to be done.

  22. Sam, the good thing is, Wren doesn’t appear to be one to sit on his hands. So I have faith that the holes will be a good deal less gaping by the beginning of 2008. (Fortunately, Wren appears to be a lot smarter than Jim Bowden, who seems to make a lot of deals just for the sake of making them, not because they make his team better.)

  23. I have a soft spot for Orr. I am from Boston and I liked him because of the Orr 4, briefly considered getting the jersey (very very very briefly) and rooted for him after his hot start and epic struggle to finish the year with a .300 average. I felt betrayed when he failed to win the game in extras as a PH in ALDS game 4 against the Astros. That being said, he sucks and maybe he can find a way to take Woodward with him.

  24. What a week!
    Ricky Williams. Nick Saban. Jimmy Rollins-MVP.
    It’s getting so I hate to hear the sports come on the radio!

    How many days until Spring Trianing?

  25. csg,

    If you had a deadly disease and went to a world famous surgeon, who also happened to be a world-class self-promoter who was largely interested in increasing his reputation and was able to cure you, would you care whether or not he did it our of concern for you or concern for himself? If that bothered you, you could always fire him and find another doctor. Boras doesn’t hold a gun to these guys’ heads to retain him; they can fire him anytime they think he doesn’t have their best interests at heart, just as Kenny Rogers and A-Rod did. Boras is a jerk but it’s the jerks that rule the world.

  26. When we paly the Mets we should send runners from third very agressivly. We all know how Estrada will run to the dugout and hide from a big scary runner coming around third. Pussy!

  27. Marc,

    That was an interesting analogy! I am confused, is A-Rod sick?

    Also, how would a surgeon cure a deadly disease? Unless of course it’s Dr. House. That guy is great!

  28. Maybe if they made a TV show called Boras about an misanthropic agent who breaks all the rules in deciphering contract mysteries, people would like him.

    BTW, what was up with that blood typing error at the heart of the show’s mystery last night? People with AB have NEITHER antibodies, not both. Most Americans learn that in junior high or high school. Sloppy!

  29. Joey T,

    They did have a show like that, sort of. It was called Arlis, about a superagent who was a complete self-centered jerk. Of course, he wasn’t as successful as Boras; he was always losing big clients to even more unscrupulous agents. He also treated his staff badly. I doubt Boras does that.


    Surgeons can cure deadly diseases through surgery. Cardiac surgeons cure heart disease through open-heart surgery, right? What about cancer surgeons? I would hate to have House as a doctor unless I was really, really sick and he was the only doctor in the known universe who could cure me. Then I wouldn’t care what a jerk he was.

  30. From Braves Notes

    Clear vision: When Brian McCann gets married on Dec. 1, he won’t have to squint toward the back of the church in an attempt to see which of his Braves teammates have arrived. The All-Star catcher had Lasik surgery a few weeks ago, and he’s ecstatic about the results.

    “It’s the best thing I’ve ever done,” the 23-year-old catcher said. “I’ve never been able to see this well in my entire life.”

    Sounds like Brian might be poised for an even bigger year with the bat. Also this Morton kid is starting to sound like a future ace.

  31. I dont blame the players for wanting to be with Boras, I just hate how he refers to only himself and not his clients.

  32. #49 – I just hope he sees the ball going into his glove a little better, his offense is fine the defense needs to be better

  33. Also this Morton kid is starting to sound like a future ace.

    Not to rain on your parade but this Morton kid is beginning to sound exactly like Jason Marquis, Bruce Chen and Anthony Lerew sounded when they were in his place.

  34. #52–There is no guarantee that Morton will develop, but his trajectory is actually quite different from Lerew, Chen and Marquis….

  35. Also this Morton kid is starting to sound like a future ace.

    He’s been hanging around the Braves’ minor league system for a long time as a non-prospect. I think the DOB-raving is getting people a little too excited about this guy.

  36. #41
    Gotta be careful with those authentic jerseys. You never know what’s going to happen to your favorite player.

    I still see Jets fans walking around with Browning Nagle jerseys.

  37. Sam H,

    That doesn’t mean he’ll be the same as them. It’s all based on potential and expectations. Some people fulfill them and some don’t.

  38. On the House blood type thing. In typing you test for two primary aglutanogens (spelling?). One is “called” “A” and one is “called” “B”. If you HAVE that aglutanoagen, then the test reacts to the presence of that aglutanogen. If the blood reacts to neither, it is type O (meaning zero, get it?).

    Somehow, based on the magician SAYING he had AB that the lab “looked” for AB and found it (BECAUSE the PREVIOUS transfusion, not at that hospital, erroneously put in the wrong blood, which caused the symptoms.

  39. I think that the point was that they never asked. He was unconscious when he went into the hospital and again when they sent him to surgery, so they just ran the tests without asking. Why are we talking about “House”?

  40. Once you get over the “medical” part of House and realize it’s just a soap with fun, cranky characters you’ll enjoy it much more.

  41. Also, re: Hampton and the Mexican League, I re-read the note there and it says he will _join_ Navajo yesterday, not that he would necessarily pitch for them in yesterday’s game. He is not currently listed on their roster, although Brandon Jones and Scott Thorman are.

  42. Bobby probably wouldn’t mind a veteran in CF.

    Steven Finley is an old vet and available. (And has had a precipitous decline.)

    Let’s hope these two don’t come together.

  43. Steven Finley is an old vet and available.

    I’ve seen Steve Finley try to field CF in Turner Field even before he was old and terrible. No thank you.

  44. Olney On Blanton And Haren
    Buster Olney has been digging up all sorts of good trade rumors, and I’m happy to pass along his info. Let’s start with the A’s.

    We recently discussed Eric Chavez, who as far as we know is staying put but wouldn’t get in Billy Beane’s way if he decides to move him. However, with apologies to Chavez, the hot stove buzz around the A’s will be focused on their young pitching.

    We know Dan Haren would draw a huge bounty of three to five very good young players. We can assume that Joe Blanton would command a similar price, maybe slightly less. Olney revealed today that Billy Beane isn’t likely to rebuild and try to contend simulataneously. Instead, he would have a massive fire sale. If Haren goes, Blanton and Huston Street probably would too. Olney says Beane’s plan would be similar to the Marlins with Miguel Cabrera – target specific blue-chip prospects and approach those teams.

  45. Stephen,

    The guys you mentioned never had the same stuff that Morton has. In fact the whole organization has had very few pitchers who sit in the mid 90s with a plus offspeed pitch.


    This isn’t just from DOB, the reports are coming from multiple sources. Plus this isn’t an unusual development track for a pitcher, its probably better that he struggled early, and is now coming on.

  46. Also Stark says that Freel may be available so the Reds can bring up top prospect Jay Bruce. If he truly is available and not too expensive, he could make a nice stopgap CF.

  47. Justin Parker–my point was similar to yours: Morton should not be confused with Lerew, Chen and Marquis.

    The other big difference was that Morton had little real success in the minors before the second half of 2007. If Morton succeeds in the majors, it will be a textbook case of an organization being patient with a developing pitcher….

  48. I appologize stephen, looking back, I should have directed my comments at Sam Hutchenson. You’re exactly right, and this is the kind of pitcher the Braves have needed to develop for a long time.

  49. It sounds like Freel would be available in June when they call up Bruce. But the Reds always have an injury so I suspect they will need Freel to come in second to last in the NL Central.

  50. Back at you, Ububba and all the Braves Journal posters and lurkers; and I’m thankful to you, Mac, for starting this thing that brings so much joy to my day.

  51. from Foxsports…btw, Im gone Happy Thanksgiving

    Mets may dump catcher Estrada?
    While it’s possible this was a salary dump, the Mets haven’t ruled out the possibility of offering Estrada arbitration and making him part of the catching equation, along with Ramon Castro, next season. Minaya indicated on Monday, during a conference call to announce Luis Castillo’s re-signing, that Castro could become the starter. “[Castro] hasn’t ever been given the opportunity to do it,” Minaya said. “Are we going to give him that opportunity? Possibly.” If Estrada isn’t in the Mets’ plans, Baltimore’s Ramon Hernandez and Texas’ Gerald Laird are among the catchers whom the Mets could still look to acquire in a trade. It remains to be seen if free agent Paul Lo Duca is given further consideration – the Mets are not willing to extend him the long-term deal he seeks. — NY Post

  52. last thing….

    Bennett impressing: When it comes time for the Braves to fill the final spots in their rotation, there’s a definite chance they’ll be starting the 2008 season with Jeff Bennett on their big league roster. In seven starts with LaGuira in the Venezuelan Winter League, he has gone 3-1 with a 1.25 ERA.

    Although he didn’t even join Richmond’s starting rotation until the latter weeks of this past season, Bennett is one of four pitchers the Braves project to be battling for the final spot in their rotation. With the assumption that Mike Hampton will be healthy, the other three hurlers battling for that fifth spot will be Jair Jurrjens, Chuck James and Jo-Jo Reyes.

    If Bennett doesn’t win a spot, there’s certainly a chance the Braves could keep him in the Majors as a reliever. The 27-year-old right-hander, who has spent the majority of his career as a reliever, is out of options and the Braves aren’t likely going to risk losing him to another organization.

    So now Happy Thanksgiving..

  53. In seven starts with LaGuira in the Venezuelan Winter League, he has gone 3-1 with a 1.25 ERA.

    This is like saying a player should get a roster spot based on spring training. No thanks. I don’t buy into Bennett or Cormier or Carlyle being of any real use for the Atlanta Braves in 2008.

  54. Bennett, Devine, etc. We are going to need to trade some pitchers or we’ll lose them through waivers.

    Happy Thanksgiving all.

  55. Dan,

    I’m sure you realize this, but it may turn out that one of those guys has to be the fifth starter, especially if James isn’t traded in a package for someone better (unlikely) or if Hampton gets injured or is ineffective (likely). Come on, don’t fret about it right now. It’s not even December.

  56. I’m not really fretting.

    There are four candidates in James, Reyes, Jurrjens and Bennett assuming the top four are Smoltz, Hudson, Glavine and Hampton.

    Bennett, Carlyle and Cormier shouldn’t sniff the starting rotation as long as the Braves are in the hunt for a postseason spot, in my opinion. I don’t care what Baghdad Bowman says of Bennett’s winterball pitching or of Carlyle’s “more wins than losses”.

  57. I don’t really care what he says about it, either. I guess his job is to try to put a positive spin on things, and that’s fine. There’s a point though, where it’s obviously wrong.

  58. Happy Thanksgiving! Mac, I too am really thankful for this site. I check it atleast 3 times a day, if not more.

  59. First, Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

    From the previous threads:

    1. We’re really enjoying our now 4 day old son. Jake R. is adorable and he’s excited about his first Thanksgiving and football.

    2. Jake is our first child – I am getting used to this whole ‘no sleep’ thing and just increasing my caffeine intake.

    I am personally very happy to see Tommy Glavine in a Braves uniform. This (after Jake) is the 2nd best Thanksgiving present. Despite his age, it hurts the Mets and makes our rotation very formidable with a multitude of options.


    Ironic that Boras is being compared to Dr. House – I actually cannot stand that show.

    Give me Jack Bauer any day for a real TV hero.

    Finally, I look forward to my son being able to (sort of) watch his first dawgs win when the dawgs play Tech on Saturday.

  60. Well, England just failed to qualify for the European Championships next year. How good is that?
    Sorry, I know most of you don’t care about soccer.

  61. Timo–I have been relishing it!!

    I really should like England, but between David Beckham and the nostalgia for 1966, I lost patience.

    During the 2002 World Cup I realized that if England managed to win, it would make one of my favourite places (I lived there for about 6 years) intolerable….

  62. This is funny. Trying to argue that the old saying “trade him for X inanimate object” could actually work to a team’s advantage. In this example, the author argues that two years ago, if the Braves had sent a year’s supply of Gatorade to the Cubs for Todd Hollandsworth rather than two minor leaguers, the Cubs win the trade. Some faulty numbers but a funny read.

  63. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

    I’m sure that Torii Hunter is thankful this year for Arte Moreno’s Deep Pocket.

  64. I’m rather amazed that Torii only got 5 years, $90 million. It’s more than he’s worth, but it virtually guarantees that Andruw won’t be able to get $100 million.

    I wonder how that affects the rest of the market?

  65. Happy Thanksgiving all, and thanks for the site Mac. I check in at least twice every day, best sports blog on the net for any team. Footballoutsiders is a distant second.

  66. I don’t think Andruw will be getting anywhere NEAR the deal Torii Hunter got. I wouldn’t go past a 3 yr/40M deal for him

  67. Other than the fact that Andruw is 2 years younger, and has consistently outhit Hunter by a good margin while being at least his equal defensively, I can’t see why anybody would want Jones nearly as much either.

  68. I’ve been so busy over the last several months I haven’t had time to post anything. Today I want to say how thankful I am for this site, Mac. The level of discourse here is such a treat in an otherwise uncivil world. And while I will never understand the passion for American football, I love baseball and appreciate the passion the other posters on this site have as well.

  69. Happy Thanksgiving.

    If we’re doing thankful…

    I am thankful for my new son
    …The Dawgs once again beating Ga. Tech (soon)
    …The Braves not being owned by AOL Time Warner
    …The Return of Tommy Glavine

    I think Hunter got a contract he deserved; Andruw, if he’s smart, will take ARB from the Braves and try again in 2008 to earn a Hunter-like contract.

    I can’t see anyone giving Andruw a Hunter contract this offseason.

  70. Alex R. The Braves won’t offer Andruw arbitration. count it.

    JC will use his economic formulas to refute me but Hunter got way more than he should have. He is 32 and sports a career
    .271 .324 .469 Lsst season .287 .334 .505 At the end of his contract he’ll be a 37 year old corner outfielder hitting like a second baseman. If he regresses to the mean he sure aint worth 18 mil per year.

    Andruw has to be loving it. Arte Moreno is his new hero.

  71. ok fox is reporting 5 years 90. cnnsi is reporting 5 years 80. who to believe here. the second one seems more in line.

  72. I don’t see Morton and Bennett as legit starting options for April next year, assuming Hampton is around. That said, Bennett will almost assuredly be in the bullpen; the Braves aren’t gonna give up on him at this point. Not sure if Morton has options left; if so, I assume he’ll be in Richmond. Otherwise, he’ll get a shot at the pen.

    Spring Training will actually be rather interesting this year, IMO, given the level of depth the Braves have at some positions (rotation, ‘pen) and uncertainty at others (CF). I’m sure a lot of decisions will end up being based on who has options left, etc., but we could also see someone impress enough to spur management into making a trade so as to make room for them. Also, it’ll be nice to have solid arms down in Richmond ready to come up when injury (inevitably) strikes.

  73. “Brian McCann is an outsanding defensive catcher:”

    ummm, I disagree….its kind of like how some people viewed Kelly Johnson as an outstanding LF’r. Just not true

  74. mlb rumors

    Santana Counters Twins’ Offer
    Sid Hartman was correct – Joe Christensen confirms today that the Twins did offer Johan Santana a five-year, $93MM deal (18.6MM annually). The pact was designed to top Carlos Zambrano’s by $1.5MM. Problem is that Santana isn’t 1.6% better than Zambrano. He’s a lot better than Z.

    Santana countered by asking for $126MM, according to Christensen. His article implies that Santana asked for seven years in the counterproposal, since Santana’s agent cited Barry Zito’s deal and the dollar amount is the same. The Twins balked at the counteroffer and expect to trade Santana. This doesn’t compute, because the sides seem close. I wonder – maybe Santana actually asked for $126MM over five years? Santana could be a $25MM man on the open market, and maybe he’s not offering a hometown discount. If Christensen’s

    This should kill all the Santana to the Braves rumors

  75. whitesox are giving 4 years at $19million to Scott Linebrink.

    That just seems like way too much money for a guy that hasn’t closed before and probably won’t close for them. (Even if I think closers are generally overpaid anyway.)

  76. Couldn’t agree more, joelk. This site, and the community of Braves fans gathered around Mac, is one of the highlights of my day. I’m thankful for all of you.

    And I’m thankful for Brian McCann!

  77. Stephen – Exactly my thinking. I have also lived in London for 6 years and it is just too funny how they are blaming everybody else for their failure(s), a little bit like the Mets…

  78. Timo–I just saw Sky News this morning and now the blame is being given to all of the ‘foreign players’ on EPL teams…it never even crossed their minds that maybe the foreign players are better…all of this is going to be highly entertaining….

  79. I’m reading a lot of comments about Morton’s age..leaning towards him being too old..First off let me say he’s not your average prospect. He’s struggled a lot but is making strides to the big leagues. The average age for entry into the big leagues is 24..he’s 24. rufino linares made a comment how he was OLD for the fall league. He was 23 the whole time he was in AZ except for the last few days. How is 24 old? there were 25 players that are older than morton on the peoria javelinas alone. Obrien is hyping him because he has talent..A big league arm, no doubt about it. He just took longer to develop. And as to comparing him with guys like lerew..c’mon..who are you?have you seen morton pitch? make comments that have some factual weight behind them..

  80. And also, I recall morton being on the top 25 prospect radar from 02-04. having the best curveball in the organization several years in a row…

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