Astros 3, Braves 0

ESPN – Braves vs. Astros Box Score, September 30 2007 – MLB

How depressing. Buddy Carlyle gave up three runs in the first, and the Braves didn’t do squat offensively and thus lost, even though the pitching after that was pretty good. Chipper went 0-3 with a walk, falling to .337, and is extremely unlikely to win the batting title, having to settle for the Real Park batting title.

Bobby put out a bunch of nobody players, with only Chipper, Francoeur, and (arguably) Escobar as regulars starting the game. In their one real chance to get some runs, with runners second and third, one out, Bobby let Orr hit for himself against a lefty, then used Woodward, of all people, as the pinch-hitter for the pitcher. He just didn’t care. But then again, neither did I. (He may have been making sure that Woodward finished the season below .200.)

At least we get to taunt the Mets for perpetrating the Greatest Choke in National League History.

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  1. Rockies winning 1-0, Padres losing. Holliday now 0-2.

    If it goes to a one game playoff for the wildcard between the Rockies and Padres, does that game count for Holliday’s season average? I doubt it.

  2. It is awesome to see the Mets lose, although the Phillies winning the East is only a tad batter.

    TBS made me a Braves fan, and I’m sad to see them go. I definitely lost a link to my childhood today (not that I’m that old). I wish Chipper had at least gotten a hit or two to end the season on a high note for the Braves.

    I think this offseason is going to be really long. I miss the good Braves already.

  3. I’d wish everyone a happy offseason, but who am I kidding? I’ll be right here reading what you all think of trading Renteria, Diaz, etc.

  4. “1 game playoffs count for stats.”

    Well then, just like with that last Phillies series of the season, let the delusions begin!

  5. I watched the little essay thing. I think I saw every game they showed highlights from.

    I was pleased they showed Bob Watson’s homer against the Dodgers from 1983. The Braves were down about 6-1 in that. Claudell Washington and Glenn Hubbard both homered to tie it, Bedrock gave up a homer to Greg Brock in the ninth and then Watson hit the two-run shot to break the tie.

  6. From Metsblog (I couldn’t help myself):

    “Congratulations to Tom Glavine and The Atlants Braves! You guys did it! You got your spy to infiltrate the dugout and sink this franchise time and again over Tom’s regrettable tenure as a Met!”

    Didn’t Glavine do something fairly important this year? A milestone of some sort…

  7. Holliday would have needed two more at-bats. That’s more of a longshot than him failing in a playoff game. That’s what I was thinking about anyway.

  8. Rockies win, so Chipper needs Holliday to go 0-5 in the playoff. He’s gone 0-5 four times this year, which I guess means there’s about a 2.5% chance.

  9. I’m not giving up, but I wonder how likely that is. After all, that means the Rockies have to have a GREAT offensive day, but Holliday won’t.

  10. I knew watching the final telecast on Braves Baseball on TBS would be hard, but it was even more emotional than I expected. It was great to hear Skip a final time—my two favorite instances of his trademark wit came when he played on Astros 3B Eric Bruntlett’s name (“A bruntlett, as everyone knows, is a small brunt”) and named Chris Woodward “winner of the Billy Bob Thornton look-alike contest”—and it’s so clear to me that the network brass chose the wrong Caray to cover the playoffs. It feels corny to say it, but I realize that a lot of my most significant memories are tied in some way to watching the Braves on TBS. I remember watching a game with my dad in the early 90s (probably during the ’92 season)—I was back home in Virginia from graduate school at the U of South Carolina—when Rafael Belliard got a key hit to win a game (I think it was against the Dodgers). My dad was a building contractor with a 10th grade education, and I was his egghead son who was studying to be an English professor, but in celebrating that moment together we had the same values and spoke the same language. I have great memories of watching the first two games of the ’95 series with him (those games weren’t on TBS, of course, but in my memory they are) and talking to him on the phone from Columbia the next weekend after Glavine’s incredible performance in Game Six. And I remember watching Game Six of the 1997 NLDS just a few hours after attending my father’s funeral, watching the Braves lose to the Marlins, but feeling comforted that the last game dad had watched was the Braves 7-2 victory a couple of days previously. That made me especially happy, because I remembered how all through 80s, while I was busy dealing with all the vicissitudes of adolescence, one of the few constants was my dad watching the Braves on TV, night after night—watching them lose most of the time, and still getting so much joy out of it. I was oblivious to that joy until I left home for good in 1991, and discovered the Braves because they started getting a lot of attention (David Letterman said in one of his monologues that he was pretty sure their winning the National League pennant was a sign of the apocalypse), but also because they were a way to connect with my family now that I lived hundreds of miles away.

    Now a resident of the greater Philadelphia area, I watch the Phillies’ assumption of the NL East crown with a weird mixture of feelings. I’m glad the Mets collapsed, but it hurts that Glavine was such a decisive part of it. I detest the Phillies—Jimmy Rollins is one of my least favorite players, and it burns like bile to hear everyone (even Skip Caray) call him a prophet for having called the Phillies the team to beat in the division. And yet the excitement around Philadelpha feels strangely good, because it reminds me of the energy I witnessed on TV and felt all around the south in 1990s. But in the end it all reminds me that a special era has passed. In actuality it has been receding slowly for the last few years, but today seems like the final gasp of Braves baseball as I’ve always known it.

    This is one hell of a long post, and I apologize if I have irritated anybody with its length or its maudlin tone (what other sports announcer besides Skip would use that word on TV? Maybe Costas.). But I want to say one last thing. I discovered this site in 1998, when I was teaching at the U of Alabama (I didn’t know about Mac’s connection to Tuscaloosa at that time), and in a lot of ways, it has slowly become a substitute for “Braves Baseball on TBS” for me. I really appreciate the work that Mac does on the Journal, especially the last couple of years, when our team has been so frustrating to follow—and even more frustrating to write about everyday, I imagine. So, thanks for the work you do, Mac. And thanks to the people who keep the discussions going. A couple of days ago, I visited Metsblog for the first time, just out of curiosity, and was stunned at the low quality of the discussion. The regulars on Braves Jouranl are almost unfailingly articulate, knowledgeable, and classy—even when the Braves are losing and tempers are flaring. I’ll be eavesdropping here as long as Mac and the rest of you keep the site alive.

  11. Great post, Mark. I never thought about how watching the Braves on TBS connected with my own family who is hundreds of miles away.

  12. One thing I just thought of, in reagrd to your previous poll, Mac…

    If the Braves had won on Wednesday and every game after that, we’d be anxiously awaiting the playoff game against the Mets somewhere (they never did include the Braves in coin flips to host tiebreakers). So we were right to have had hope until then.

  13. Matt Holliday winning the batting title is B.S. I know it has been mentioned before, but he hit .377 at Coors and .301 on the road. Chipper meanwhile hit .320 at Turner Field, and .357 on the road. I really wanted to see him win the batting title.

  14. Kenny,

    There’s still an outside chance of Jones winning the title, but it’s… unlikely. The Rockies have to have 40-45 batters come to the plate and Matt Holliday has to fail every time.

  15. Oh, no. (That’s what I said when I saw that picture.) There have been rumors, that’s all I’ll say.

  16. Thanks Tommy for reminding me how great he has been in important games since 1995. Thanks Tommy for helping us seeing the Mets collapsing. Thanks for pitching a great game in Game 7 of the 1995 World Series.

    However, I think it’s time for you to retire. I thought it would be a decent idea to bring you back…but after today…I guess it’s not a good idea after all…it would be great if you stay with the Mets though!!!

  17. kc, you can’t discount Glavine’s solid season based on the last game of the year. If the Mets hadn’t lost like virtually every game the last 2 weeks, today’s start would barely have mattered or Glavine might not even have pitched at all.

    I’d be perfectly happy to have him next year. He’ll win us a lot more games than Carlyle, Reyes, Bennett, or James pitching in the #3 spot.

  18. Thanks for everything, Mac! I love this place.

    On a related note, doing the tomahawk chop with a 14-0 lead on Florida in the Swamp with 10,000 of your best friends from Dixie after FSU took out Bama – that memory will stay with me for a long long time..

  19. That was a nice post, Mark. :)

    Keep up the great work as well, Mac. Without you we wouldn’t have anywhere to vent our rage! *grin*

  20. You gotta think that Smoltz, Glavine and Hudson were suffering from a tired arm at the end of the year. All three had well below average starts for them on their last game – and were on short rest. Given the length of the season, that’s pretty common. I’m sure all 3 would have bounced back if given the chance.

    Maddux was the one I thought was finished, but he’s also had a decent year this year and may have another year or so in the tank.

  21. I think Glavine will come back next year. The Braves will have money to spend and with all the problems they had with their rotation they would be dumb not to want him back. He gives the Braves a better chance to win at 42 than those other clowns we had after Smoltz, Hudson and James.

  22. man the mets suck…how does anyone blow that lead with that payroll? how sweet it is.

    mac, thanx for another season.

  23. Actually, Kenny, I think the Braves would be 18th:

    Draft order (order by wins):
    1. Tampa Bay 66
    2. Pittsburgh 68
    3. Kansas City 69 (lost season series to Baltimore)
    4. Baltimore 69
    5. Florida 71 (lost season series to San Francisco)
    6. San Francisco 71
    7. Chicago White Sox 72 or
    8. Cincinnati 72
    9. Houston 73 (lost season series to Washington)
    10. Washington 73
    11. Texas 75
    12. Oakland 76
    13. St. Louis 78
    14. Minnesota 79
    15. LA Dodgers 82
    16. Toronto 83 or
    17. Milwaukee 83
    18. ATLANTA 84
    19. Chicago Cubs 85
    20. Seattle 88 (lost season series to Detroit 6-4)
    21. NY Mets 88 (lost season series to Detroit 2-1)
    22. Detroit 88
    23. SD/Col playoff loser 89
    24. Philadelphia 89
    25. SD/Col playoff winner 90
    26. Arizona 90
    27. NY Yankees 94 (lost season series to LA Angels)
    28. LA Angels 94
    29. Cleveland 96 (lost season series to Boston)
    30. Boston 96

    (I don’t know how to resolve the ties between teams that didn’t play each other.)

  24. Thanks to Mac and all you guys (and gals) here on Braves Journal for everything, it was great all year even though the Braves kinda sucked it up.

    I talked to a die hard Texas Rangers fan today who was still somewhat bitter about the Tiexera trade. That’s funny. But I’ve also talked to a few other Braves diehards, and I’ll be here for 2008, just like I’ve been there for the past 15 or so years. I’m already ready, ya dig?

    Congrats to Jimmy Rollins and the Phils, even though I moderately hate them, for backing up the “team to beat” claim. Have a day kids! You won! Riot in Philly!

    To the Mets: Thanks for finally showing your true colors. Hope you enjoy the post-season..from your living room. Thanks for the biggest September collapse in history. I’m going to get a t-shirt that reads “2007 New York Mets!” Nothing else, just that. They’ll get it in Queens, which will be enough to shut any Mets fan up for a good long while. Go to hell! All of you! You gotta bereave! You chuckleheads, you fukkin chokes!

    So, who’s gonna win it all this year?

    I’m thinking the Angels, what do you guys think?

  25. Mac-
    Thanks for the MST3K reference. Hadn’t thought of that show in years. I once visited the MST3K set and got my picture taken with the robots.

    Brilliant Television. Man I’m a loser.

    Also… Skip Caray has as much to do with me being a Braves fan as any player ever did. He has me laughing out loud a couple times every broadcast.

  26. Just got back from Houston. A few thoughts:

    Lefty’s BBQ right next to Enron/Minute Maid Park is the deal. I’m more of a pork guy, but their chopped beef was some serious chow.

    The stadium? Pretty nice. It was pouring outside, so we got the roof for the game. Got there super-early for the Saturday game & the Houston fans were lined up outside. It was the Craig Biggio weekend (they gave out 3 different Biggio T-shirt jerseys) & it was nice to see the support he got.

    The game? Um, we lost & it didn’t matter. Saw Chipper get one hit. Sat in front of a guy from Oswego, NY, who played ball with Brian McCann’s dad, Howie, and he told me stories of what a bad-ass Howie was as a player. Mostly, it was all-Biggio all the time.

    Was out way too late Saturday night to consider making the 1 pm game today (I had to cover a club gig & rolled in around 6 am), so I figured I’d watch the game in my hotel on TBS, but it was blacked out locally. A real bummer. I share all those great thoughts of TBS & will miss TBS Braves games terribly.

    But a weekend that sees the Dawgs win, Florida lose & the Mets finish a historic collapse can’t be all bad. WFAN will be in classic form tomorrow.

    BTW, congrats Auburn people. I did not think they had it in ’em.

  27. I didn’t watch the last TBS game. I don’t think that my kids would have understood the emotion. Man this sucks. Skip, Pete, Don Sutton and even Joe Simpson. I’m gonna miss all that real bad. Just like a lot of you TBS is why I am a Braves fan.

    This team has a solid foundation. We even have some depth at some crucial positions. Free Agent pitching or whats avaialable on the trade market will be expensive. I think that this could be one of the most interesting off seasons ever. I’m already looking forward to the hot stove.

    Mac, my thanks to you for a great blog. To the regulars here, good stuff that I enjoy reading even the off topic stuff.

  28. This morning on Mike and Mike they were talking about the Mets and reading some of the comments from Mets fans and one of them wrote what I thought was hilarious. The Met fan said Mets stands for My Entire Team Sucks which made me laugh.

  29. Their entire team doesn’t suck though. They have some very good young hitters and a pretty solid rotation (it didn’t help that El Duque has been injured the last few weeks of course and Pedro missed most of the year). They could have used some help in the bullpen though. It’s the second straight year Omar Minaya didn’t pull the trigger at the trade deadline (Luis Castillo doesn’t count) and it ended up costing the Mets. If I were a Mets fan, I’d be calling for his head.

  30. Ububba,

    Today, the hour and the man have met. This is the hour and you are the man. Enjoy your schadenfreud in Metland. As for me, I am thinking about calling my Mets friend that last week called with his son to taunt me about watching the playoffs. On the other hand, I guess there is no need.


    Beautiful post. What I will always remember from TBS is watching the way Atlanta Stadium rocked with the haunting tomahawk chop during the 1991 run. It’s gotten old and perhaps offensive in some ways, but it was awesome back then. Also, as Noah mentioned, I was thrilled to see them show the Bob Watson home run from 1983. That was one of the best games I ever saw.

    As for Glavine, I’m glad the Mets collapsed but sorry to see it happen to Tommy. I really hope that he retires. He can’t come back to New York.

  31. I’d be perfectly happy to have him next year. He’ll win us a lot more games than Carlyle, Reyes, Bennett, or James pitching in the #3 spot.

    Pretty sure that’s not true, at least with respect to Reyes and James.

    And I agree with you, Marc—there’s no way the Mets take him back next year. Fairly or not, he’ll be a scapegoat of sorts, I imagine.


    If you have 2 of those shirts made, I will buy one from you.

  32. As much as I really dislike Glavine now, I think you almost have to take him. He’s still third starter material. He’d push James to fourth starter and Hampton to the fifth starter spot, where they belong. And he’d certainly be better than Reyes and especially Carlyle, Bennett and Cormier. Glavine was good for six wins above a typical replacement-level pitcher. If the Braves got him last offseason, they’d surely have finished above the Mets I think.

    That all being said, I wouldn’t mind if Schuerholz just came out and said “screw you Glavine” and found a third starter somewhere else, be it a trade or some other free agent signing.

    the haunting tomahawk chop during the 1991 run. It’s gotten old and perhaps offensive in some ways

    How is it offensive?

  33. Sort of mocks Native Americans. Not a legitimate tribal ritual, more of a caracature, as far as I can tell.

    That said, Marc seems to find a lot of stuff offensive, so you might not want to even go there with him.

  34. T or F: These events this weekend will have an impact on Atlanta’s 2008 roster.

    1. Glavine’s meltdown for the Mets in game 162.

    2. Andruw witnessing the praise showered on Biggio after spending all of his HOF career in Houston.

  35. The Braves finished:

    3rd in era (NL): 4.11 (2nd after the ABS @ 3.93)
    4th in whip: 1.35
    tied for 2nd in avg: .275
    4th in obp: .339
    6th in slugging: .435
    3rd in runs score: 810
    2nd in hits: 1562
    6th in homers: 186
    3rd in doubles: 328

    How did this team not make the playoffs?

  36. #62, 1) True. This will unfairly influence the Mets not to bring him back and/or him to turn down his player option and either retire or come back to the Braves.

    2) False. Andruw wants money not love.

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