Braves 3, Nats 0

ESPN – Braves vs. Nationals Box Score, September 16 2007 – MLB

So it turns out that Major League Baseball has an obscure stat called a “complete game”. This refers not to a game that is actually completed and not shortened by rain, but to a game in which one pitcher does all the pitching for one of the teams. Bizarre. Anyway, Tim Hudson threw nine innings today, thereby recording one of these “complete games”.

Offensively, the Braves got two runs on a bases-loaded single by Teixeira with one out in the third. They couldn’t get anything else out of that situation, but KJ hit a solo homer in the fourth. That was all Hudson needed. He threw exactly 100 pitches, 72 of them for strikes. (For the benefit of those of you who played soccer, that means that he threw 72 percent strikes.) He struck out six, walked only one, and allowed seven hits. The Braves turned two double plays for him and he had a lot of ground balls.

Brandon Jones was called up after Richmond’s championship victory last night, and started in left field, but went 0-4. Renteria came into the game leading the NL with a .335 batting average, but he went 0-4, while Chipper was 2-4. Right now, Chipper and Utley are both at .335, Renteria at .334.

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  1. Not sure if this was mentioned in one of the other threads but looks like Horacio is getting pulled from Seattle’s rotation(8-7 7.16 ERA). Looks like a really good trade right now.

  2. Europeans have been hit in the head too much. At least baseball players are trying to score/stop scoring. Soccer players just mill about on the middle of the field all day.

  3. I just got back from Europe & had a couple of those “why-don’t-Americans-like-our-football?” conversations in the pub.

    My simple answer, which tends to serve the moment, is: “It’s not violent enough for us.”

    That usually stops them for a minute & allows me to change the subject.

  4. Where did you have that conversation, ububba?

    Mac, I suggest using something other than the MLS for reference. I certainly have no problem with people who say they just don’t like soccer, but I wonder how many “real” games you’ve ever watched.

  5. Football convos:

    In Spain. In Ibiza, it was Paco’s Bar (Ibiza Town) & Murphy’s Pub (San Antonio). In Madrid, it was a joint at Plaza Mayor (forget the name).

  6. In Madrid, it struck me as very amusing that Real Madrid (the soccer team) had its own television channel, very much like the Yankees have YES.

  7. Well, they have won more titles than the Yankees and have a following at least as large, so I guess it makes sense.

  8. ububba,

    Oh, GOD, that’s funny.

    Soccer bores the ever-living daylights out of me. The only time I pay attention to it is World Cup time, and even then there isn’t much for me to care about.

    Great game today, I’m glad I watched the whole thing. :) Hopefully B. Jones gets a hit in his cup of coffee this year.

  9. I’ll watch world cup soccer, especially if I can hang out with some real fans while doing so. It’s not so bad. Just root against France. :-)

  10. Also, I kinda with Travis Jones was on the roster so we could give him a cup of coffee, too. Man, that lineup would be fun.

  11. you know how the NFL Europe sucks? I think that MLS sucks in the same way. If you can get the better premier leagues in Europe, I’m guessing your disdain for soccer would be a little less.

  12. As a guy who played American football from the time I was 6 until 17, I always made fun of soccer. But I admit that I dig the World Cup, more for the excitement in the event than the game itself.

    When the World Cup came to the US in 1994, I’ll never forget the afternoon I had at O’Donoghue’s Pub in Hoboken, NJ, watching Ireland upset Italy. I had been in Ireland a couple months prior & had seen how jacked up the country was for the World Cup (they don’t always make it the event, so they were crazed). The excitement was infectious & it made a lot of sense to me.

    It’s not my game & it never will be, but I love being in a pub with a bunch of Europeans watching a World Cup match.

  13. I don’t believe, the Braves finally got that first complete game. They won’t be one of the first teams in MLB history with no complete games in a full season. Looks like the Marlins, Nationals and I think the Rangers will recieve that “honor”.

  14. Finally people who think soccer is boring! Baseball can drag at times, no doubt, but there is way more strategy involved in baseball. I’ve been watching baseball for 17 years and I’m still learning new things about it.

    I’ll never buy into a game that can end 1-1, both points scored on penalty kicks.

  15. Up until about two weeks ago, I would have totally been on board with everyone here. I still pretty much am, but since I’m working less often than I did last year and I’m actually able to check out some fall sports, watching my friends play soccer is actually kinda fun. I don’t know if I would enjoy soccer if I wasn’t watching people I know show off their athletic ability (and believe me, there is), but I’ve atleast gotten to the point where I don’t hate soccer. And there is a bit of strategy involved, mind you…

    Oh, and I played my first collegiate baseball game this past Friday (fall ball; doesn’t really count). Let’s just say I have nowhere to go but up:

    0-2, 2 K’s… :)

  16. It’s not my game & it never will be, but I love being in a pub with a bunch of Europeans watching a World Cup match.


    And my university’s men’s soccer team was disbanded to make room for a women’s bowling team. I wish that were a joke. Hooray for Title IX.

  17. Two points about soccer raised by this thread:

    I think Manchester United is closer to the Yankees than Real Madrid. They have captured merchandising in a big way–just as Team Evil has. Manchester United has much to do with bringing David Beckham to the U.S. because the LA Galaxy are convinced that his name will make them a brand. One of the great things about living in the Middle East is that I get the chance to be entertained by Sky News (British) and their coverage of the world. In a desire to show Britain’s continuing relevance to the world Sky views were told that Beckham’s arrival in the U.S. was comparable to that of the Beatles….

    My second point here is that soccer should be considered violent–its just that the violence occurs off the field and not by the players….How many baseball fans have been killed by ‘hooliganism’?

    I remember watching the Super Bowl in graduate school in the UK. A number of us (mostly Brits and Americans) were gathered and one of the locals complained about the stupidity of an American half time show. A number of other Brits began to making sneering remarks about American sports, pastimes and our accents. Suddenly, a large American who was in the navy and destined for a military career jumped up and yelled: “at least they are not killing each other for fun”. The Brits shut up and sat silently (and sullenly) through the second half of a lopsided Super Bowl.

  18. In general, UK football supporters aren’t as violent as they once were. There’s a great book called “Among the Thugs” that details “the bad old days” of hooliganism, which also included lots of racist behavior. (Unfortunately, that still exists in a lot in Euro soccer.)

    My Brit friends tell me that a lot of the craziest hooliganism was actually somewhat quelled by one thing: ecstasy. Once the yobbos traded in their lager for pills, they didn’t like fighting as much. Funny how that happens…

    As for fighting among baseball fans: Come to a Red Sox/Yankees game at Yankee Stadium. Fist fights happen so often now, I don’t even turn around to watch anymore. Those folks are usually missing a great game—but, of course, that’s not why they’re there.

  19. In England, there is really no hooliganism anymore in national games, at least not as bad as it used to be. Totally different if England are playign some other nation, like Germany or France, they ones they historically dislike the most, then it can get ugly. Having watched european football for 30 years, yes, it ca be boring at times, usually for 90 minutes, while baseball can be boring for three to four hours sometimes. It’s a bit of a cultural ting as well, I guess. If you asked any european which sport is the most boring, nine out of ten will quote baseball. For starters because they don’t get the rules and because it takes forever. But it’s all down to the fact that there is basically no basesball (at least serious baseball) being played in Europe at all. It’s all football here…

  20. Ecstasy and much more vigilant police work.

    I once encountered about 200 Newcastle supporters organized and causing trouble in the town in which I lived. This amounted to an organized mob–the signifcant thing is that the game had been over for hours. The game which was not important in any way was the excuse for a night drunken violence.

    The difference between fights which break out during baseball games (Shea gets its share as well) and hooliganism is that the latter is organized. Hooligans assemble precisely to begin a night (or weekend) of rampaging.

    At least in Britain the police have done a good job of arresting large numbers of hooligans and making it more difficult to travel to the continent. Again, during the 1998 World Cup the French were smart enough to locate the English in more isolated areas. If there is preventive medicine, then with hooligans there is also preventive lawlessness.

    Happily enough, I don’t think that the culture of violence which defines hooliganism does not affect baseball….

  21. Timo–for boring sports which take a long time see: Cricket. Sure, it was fun to play the matches last for days…

  22. Stephen, Cricket, the mother of boring sports, for me. What about them playing one game for three days anway?

  23. That’s what I like about American sports in general, usually great atmosphere in arenas and stadiums but never ever will fans of opposing teams go at each other.

  24. Soccer provides a lot of opportunity for running around outside and screaming…I meant the kids, not the fans.

    Soccer is like the action in a lousy singles bar-lots of sweating and posing and nobody scores.

    I’ve watched two complete games in my life–when Germany won the World Cup (because I was living there at the time) and when Mia Hamm and the gals won the World Cup. You guessed it–both games ended in a scoreless tie after a lengthy overtime and needed a shootout to decide it. The highlight of both was when a gal took of her top at the end. (Where are you now, Brandy?)

    Who needs it?

  25. Mac;
    I truly enjoyed your interview with DOB and thank you for letting us be a part of it.
    I read through it twice and finally got it that your interview focused on the future of our favorite team.
    If you had asked about losing Andruw or why the Braves can’t find more quality staters, it would’ve been axe grinding. You even held off on questions about bunts!
    When people say they only read the recaps and don’t usually read the posts, I’ll remember the questions in this interview and be glad I know what they’re missing.

  26. Good Morning fellow sufferers,

    I haven’t posted on here in about a month due to a general malaise I have felt about this team. I had reached a point where everyday was dreaded. I did not want to see a score in the morning because it would weight like a big black cloud over my days. So, things had to change and I’ve come back this morning to report just how thankful I am for not having watched a single braves game in a month. Since I started pretending the Braves don’t exist, the sun has shined so much brighter. I’ve vacationed with my wife, went for long peaceful walks, took naps on Sunday, and generally have felt stress free. Thanks you Atlanta for your general amount of sucktitude this season. My life and my marriage so much better without a 3, 4, or 5 starter worth a crap. :)

  27. I don’t have much sympathy for people that criticize other sports. Lots of people don’t like baseball and, frankly, I can understand why if you don’t understand the game, especially if you watch it only on TV. I don’t like soccer but I’m not presumptious enough to say that it’s not a great game–it must be given that, literally, billions of people love it. Every game is different and it’s what you grow up with. I love baseball and football-two totally different games with completely different mindsets. It annoys me when the Europeans think that we are barbarians for not liking soccer, but it also annoys me when Americans act completely bewildered as to why anyone could like soccer. All sports are great–well, except for dogfighting and bullfighting, which are cruel and pointless.

    As for the Braves, as pessimistic as I usually am, I am thrilled they finally got a complete game, that they won a series at RFK, and that they won a game that I attended. I really like this bullpen more and more (except for Yates)and it definitely seems better since Wickman left. The Braves have some good, young arms in the bullpen now and if Gonzalez is able to come back, they might be able to deal some. I still think JS was correct in trying to win by building a dominant bullpen–it didn’t work, largely because Wickman struggled, Gonzo got hurt, and Soriano went through a bad period, but it was better than overpaying for some mediocre starting pitcher. Still, they obviously have to do something about the starting pitching.

  28. I almost could care less about my beloved Atlanta Braves at this point in the season. I mean, much love to Tim Hudson for the complete game shut out, however, the Richmond Braves will be in town (Oklahoma City) to play the Sacramento River Cats. They are dubbing it “the Bricktown Showdown”. Pictures to be posted in a link later. I’ve always wanted to see our minor league affiliates.

  29. There’s a good soccer bar in Atlanta’s Little Five Points (Brewhouse, I think it’s called), with knowedgeable fans, good food, and a great selection of beers. During the World Cup, tossing a few down with enthusiastic fans–who know when to cheer and when to groan–can almost make the game interesting to watch. Almost.

  30. DougM, that’d be the Brewhouse Cafe! It’s a big hangout for British expats, I believe — I’ve been there but never actually long enough to eat. They specialize in the English Premier League.

    They’re just down the road from my favorite bar in the world, the Vortex. If the Vortex were in Washington, DC, I’d consider my life just about complete.

  31. @stephen. It’s just one game apparently. Full report and pictures on the Atlanta Braves game review thread that evening.

  32. couple of things….

    are you more interested in watching
    1.Smoltz vs Florida
    2. Monday Night Football

    Ummm, Auburn sucks this year, Mac will you please keep predicting them to win every week. Its working.

    How can Florida not be your #1 team right now? They won it all last year and havent lost this year, I hate preseason rankings for this very reason. Alabama #16 right now, I figured maybe #22 or #23, Im surprised and hopefully we can handle GA this weekend.

    My top 3 teams

    Florida, LSU, USC in that order

  33. csg,
    It’s a rebuilding year.

    Kodi Burns (vs MSU: 8/12 passing, 87 rush yards, TD)- freshman
    Ben Tate (season: 234 yds rush, 4.5 YPC, TD) – sophomore
    Mario Fannin (season: 102 yds rush, 4.9 YPC, TD) – freshman
    Gabe McKenzie (season: 9 catches, 80 yds, 2 TDs) – sophomore

    Those are our four best offensive players so far this year.

    Here’s what we know – there’s way too much parity in college football. Unless you’re USC or Florida, you’re not going to be great year-in, year-out.

  34. Know what’s awesome?

    Vandy was recruiting Kodi Burns until they felt Larry Smith, who neither Alabama nor Auburn paid much attention to early on, was solid in his commitment, at which point they stopped going after Burns.

    Cut to Larry Smith leading Prattville through the state tournament and upsetting Hoover to win the state championship, whereupon Auburn and Alabama make hard pushes. Larry says no, he’s sticking with Vandy.

    Cut to the third game of the season, in which Brandon Cox is so terrible that they turn to the best QB on their roster…Burns! Who’s not as good as Vandy’s 5th-string QB! Stu loves it!

    Auburn will still beat us in 3 weeks.

  35. csg,

    If there are going to be rankings, I agree that Florida should be #1 until they’re beaten. I don’t think Florida’s the best team in the country, but there’s no reason they shouldn’t be #1 right now. I really don’t think there should even be rankings this early, though.

  36. Stu,

    You might not make that comment about Title IX if you were the father of a daughter. Of course, it doesn’t involve SEC football so you don’t care.

  37. Wryn,

    as good as Auburn has been over the last 4 years and as good as their recruiting classes have been, there is no way they should be in a rebuilding year. Auburn has been getting all the top talent for the last few years, but where has it gone. I think the coaches must have done a poor job preparing for the future while playing in the present. Yes, the freshmen look great, but why are almost all of the seniors getting worse? Yes, Burns, Tate, and Fannin will get better and better.

    That doesnt explain why the o-line is horrible, your 5th year senior QB is getting worse, the receivers cant get open, and you’ve had 10 turnovers in the last two games. That falls on the coaches in my opinion. Auburn has been too good, almost great for the past 5-6 years, to be struggling this bad

  38. Stu,
    Have you seen Larry Smith play? I have, and wasn’t really impressed. The big guy on that Prattville team was junior running back Justin Albert. Smith was a very good high school quarterback, yes. Did he lead Prattville? No.

    Albert (the RB) had 31 touchdowns, averaged 171 YPG in the playoffs.

    The defense had to key on Albert. When they did, Smith would hit a receiver in single coverage. But Albert sat all that up..

  39. csg,
    Auburn really wasn’t that good last year. Auburn 2006 was very similar to Auburn 2005. We got blown out by Arkansas and Georgia, and could/should have lost to LSU, Ole Miss, Florida, Alabama, and Nebraska (won all 5 by 7 points or less.) If we go .500 in those games, you’re not looking at an 11-2 club, but a 9-4 or 8-5 team.

    You say Auburn’s had good recruiting classes.. here are all the seniors on Auburn’s class this year. I’ll rank them as I would now from 1-star to 5-star players.

    Cole Bennett (TE): 2-star
    Eric Brock (SS): 3-star
    Brandon Cox (QB): 3-star
    Tez Doolittle (DT): 2-star
    King Dunlap (OT): 3-star
    Zach Gilbert (DB): 2-star
    Quentin Groves (DE): 5-star
    Brandon Haley (DE): 1-star
    Leon Hart (OL): 2-star
    Josh Hebert (DB): 2-star
    Matthew Motley (holder): 2-star
    Danny Perry (FB): 1-star
    Prechae Rodriguez (WR): 3-star
    Carl Stewart (FB): 3-star
    Josh Thompson (DT): 2-star
    Jonathan Wilhite (DB) 3-star

    Mac follows Auburn football more than most, and I would imagine he would agree with me that out of that list, Groves is the only one with pro potential, and the only one he would say had an above-average college career. Next closest are the constantly-burned Jonathan Wilhite and Carl Stewart, but Stewart’s been dreadful this season.

    The o-line replaced four starters, and we have a true freshman in Lee Ziemba starting. Yeah, not good..

  40. Oh, Marc. I care about a lot more than football—I’m a Vanderbilt alum/fan, after all—but I had a couple of very close friends on the soccer team, so it’s more than random misogyny or whatever you it is you’re trying to passively-aggressively accuse me of.

    Title IX has done some good, but based on my individual experience in this particular case, it led to a really unfortunate result.

  41. Wryn,

    Yes, I’ve seen Smith play. He’s the real deal. But what you or I think doesn’t really matter. You’ve made more ridiculous football-related assessments/predictions on here than I can remember, and I’m sure I’ve done the same.

    The coaches’ opinions are far more reliable and thus more important, and I can tell you that Vandy’s coaches (and Auburn’s) are quite enamoured with Larry Smith.

  42. Wryn,

    you’re right, but I just dont see how a team thats been so good, can look this bad so quickly. Before the season, would you have said its a rebuilding year? honestly

    My Aubie friends have told me this so far this season.

    Before the 1st game – we arent great but there is no reason why we cant win at least 9 games with this talent

    After week 1 – we didnt look great and maybe we just weren’t prepared, we got away with one

    After week 2 – again we have a ton of talent its just one of those games that we weren’t suppose to win

    After week 3 – its a rebuilding year

    does Bama/GA have Gameday this week?

  43. I appreciate that. Unfortunately, I responded again to your comments on the newer thread before seeing this. None of what I said there is untrue, but, in light of your apology, please forgive me for its tone.

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