105 thoughts on “Game Thread: June 7, Cubs at Braves”

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  2. No-no still on through 8
    I laugh if Schilling walks someone and Cust hits a walk off homerun

  3. AAR, you’re right about the Sox needing to win the division. I’ve had that thought a million times this season. It’s funny how often I forget to pull for them, though…

  4. (From other thread)


    Who is Russell that you mentioned?

    And, surprisingly Harvey is still available and we are coming up again very soon…#69.

  5. I have read that there is concern about harvey’s hype to talent ratio as well as the money issues

  6. I had a feeling he’d end up in a Braves uniform. Good stuff, just needs to get his head on straight. Let’s not Devine him.

  7. Yeah, really the issues i’ve heard are with Boras and Boras wanting his players to sign huge contracts like Texeria did, so it’s scared a lot of teams away from him.

    I guess the only knock on him right now, performance wise is he has a slow delivery and he’s still working out some kinks with his change up. But he has tons of potential and if he’s there I would be thrilled to get him.


    side note, did they say he signed a $10M contract after being draft!?!

  8. Here’s Field’s bio…from MLB.com

    Player Name: Joshua Fields
    Position: Relief Pitcher
    School: Georgia
    School Type: Four-Year College
    Academic Class: Junior
    Birthdate: 08/19/85
    Height: 6’0″
    Weight: 180 lbs.
    Bats: Right
    Throws: Right

    Fastball: Fields throws a plus fastball that sat consistently in the 93-96 mph range.

    FB Movement: Coming from a direct overhand slot, Fields’ fastball is very straight.

    Slider: Usually, Fields has a good hard slider in the 78-79 mph range. He didn’t throw it much in his Friday outing.

    Control: Usually Fields has decent control, but he was overthrowing up and out of the strike zone on Friday. He came out of his delivery and was constantly behind in the count, which kept him from getting to his above-average slider.

    Poise: It was below average on Friday. He was given a lead and was perhaps too amped up to close out a win against Oregon State on opening night.

    Aggressiveness: Being aggressive for a closer is a good thing, but he was overly-aggressive in a save situation on Friday. He can be too aggressive, wanting to come in and throw hard. He needs to learn to channel that.

    Physical Description: He’s a six-foot righty with a power arm who’ll likely always have to answer questions about his size.

    Medical Update: Healthy.

    Strengths: Fields has a legitimate power arm with the classic fastball-slider mix.

    Weaknesses: Normally, command is not a problem for Fields, but it was on Friday. He has shown the ability to keep his fastball down in the zone and will need to get back to that in the future.

    Summary: Fields will be one of the most-watched college closers this season. His outing on Friday may be just one hiccup chalked up to Opening Night jitters. His size will always be an issue because of his plane to the plate and leverage, though others (Billy Wagner from the left side) have shown size doesn’t always matter.

    I have to say, i’m a little surprised we haven’t taken a starter yet.

  9. We just took Fredrick Freeman, a high-school 1st baseman out of California…there’s no profile for him.

  10. I just watched his scouting video, he’s big, 6’5…but he has a weird batting stance, he leans on his front knee and then he leans back before swinging…

  11. for everyone that cares, it’s a sodium free lineup tonight. bobby is still sticking with good ol’ thor at 1st base.

    what do you guys think about the nicknames? can you tell i am high on the braves right now?

  12. Here is our latest pick, Brandon Hicks, a SS out of Texas A&M…did we really need another middle infielder? I say no.

    Player Name: Brandon Hicks
    Position: Shortstop
    School: Texas A&M
    School Type: Four-Year College
    Academic Class: Junior
    Birthdate: 9/14/85
    Height: 6’2″
    Weight: 205 lbs.
    Bats: Right
    Throws: Right
    Report Date(s): 04/10/07

    Hitting Ability: Hicks grades out as a below-average hitter.

    Power: He has below-average power.

    Running Speed: Hicks has above-average speed.

    Base Running: He uses his speed well and knows how to steal a base.

    Arm Strength: Hicks has above-average arm strength at short.

    Fielding: He is average across the board defensively.

    Range: The speed helps, and Hicks has Major League average range.

    Physical Description: Hicks is an athletic middle infielder with a Jay Bell body type.

    Medical Update: Healthy

    Strengths: He’s solid defensively, he can run well and his makeup is off the charts.

    Weaknesses: There are questions about whether he’ll hit enough at the next level.

    Summary: Hicks is a speedy shortstop with excellent defensive skills and tremendous makeup. All of that won’t make him an everyday shortstop at the next level unless he can hit enough, something that scouts question. Worst-case, he could make for a very good defensive-minded utility guy who can run.

  13. The organization has a fetish for infielders who can’t hit.

    his makeup is off the charts. Does he run an orphanage and his spare time? Comments like this in scouting reports just kill me.

    Tomo Ohka just became available. He’s had some decent years, it’s too bad we don’t still have that guy who would fix broken pitchers. He was handy to have around.

  14. Am I alone on this, but as a whole, I’m not very thrilled with this draft…except of course Harvey, who is gonna be great…

    Fields doesn’t look too bad but his scouting video is horrible…I mean if your scouting video is of you walking a batter on four straight pitches, all way outside and high, that can’t be a good sign…

    Hopefully I’m wrong…but I don’t know…

  15. The Braves have a no-hitting, no-power middle infieler fetish.

    We need a top of the line starting pitcher fetish.

  16. Oh, BTW,

    Matt Harvey finally was drafted at #118 by the Los Angeles Angels…crazy to think he was projected to go in the mid first round today…

  17. So Matt Harvey cost himself…what several hundred thousand dollars just by being linked to Boras?

    Holy cow…

  18. Mac, I don’t know about that. Have you been acquainted with the Texas Leg.? It at least rivals Alabama, with representatives attempting to rush an unpopular speaker as he was declaring himself omnipotent, or something along those lines… There’s a reason why the founding fathers of Texas only allowed the Leg. to meet once every other year and only for 90 days at a time. Good times indeed. Feel free to delete if this is too political.

  19. Regarding nicknames, I mostly like them, though I might go with Velcro Vernacular’s nickname for Johnson, Scooter.

  20. As Noah touched on, we just took another reliever, this time it’s Cory Gearrin of Mercer University…

    Player Name: Cory Gearrin
    Position: Relief Pitcher
    School: Mercer University
    School Type: Four-Year College
    Academic Class: Junior
    Birthdate: 4/14/86
    Height: 6’2″
    Weight: 185 lbs.
    Bats: Right
    Throws: Right
    Report Date(s): 04/27/07

    Fastball: Gearrin throws an average fastball.

    Fastball movement: His fastball has below-average life.

    Slider: Gearrin’s slider projects as an average pitch. Right now, it’s not as there is too much sweeping action when he throws it.

    Control: He should have average command in the future.

    Poise: Gearrin is a very aggressive pitcher as Mercer’s closer.

    Physical Description: Gearrin is a sidearming right-hander with a Scot Shields body type.

    Medical Update: Healthy

    Strengths: Gearrin’s sidearm action is difficult to pick up for hitters.

    Weaknesses: The arm angle does cause the sweep on the slider.

    Summary: Gearrin jumped on the map early this year when his Mercer team took two games from the University of Miami. Gearrin saved both of those games, going three innings and striking out six without allowing a hit. The sidearmer is a very aggressive pitcher who’ll need to work on tightening his slider. He profiles as a decent middle or setup guy out of someone’s bullpen.

  21. Average fastball, average slider, average command “in the future.” Did we run out of good players already?

  22. I like the first 3 picks (Fields was widely considered the top college closer coming into the season, before he had control issues), but I don’t get what’s happened afterward. We’ve let some pretty good starter prospects slide right on by…

  23. Matt Sinatra…I remember when he was the Braves’ “catcher of the future.” This was back when Albert Hall was our “centerfielder of the future.”

  24. I actually still have Matt Sinatro’s baseball card from those days, Noah. But I wasn’t lucky enough to acquire an Albert Hall :(.

  25. Albert Hall is, I think, the last Brave to hit for the cycle. And I saw it…against the Pirates in Three Rivers.

  26. Ok, I thought that was who it was….Dennis Dixon was the Ducks starting quarterback last season..and apparently he was drafted by the Reds back into 2003…but elected to play football.

  27. Wish we could get Josh Dew from Troy… He led the collegiate ranks in K’s per nine and has the best slider in the country.

  28. i wonder what the loswest recorded attendence for a Braves game is?

    I think I remember in their last few home games in Boston, only like 1100 perople showed up, but I think it’s lower than that.

  29. I remember Gerald Perry talking about that season. He said some nights he’d look out and think, “Gee, this would be a good night to paint the seats.”

    I watched a disproportionate number of games during those years.

  30. After looking at his Gameday picture, I’m convinced Matt Murton is actually a doppelganger of Richie Cunningham.

  31. Sports South just showed Jason Heyward before the game meeting Bobby , Frenchy and other Brave’s i’m sure.

  32. Apparently on july 28th 1935 the attendance was 95 fans, against the dodgers

  33. 1935 was the worst year for the braves franshise, at least record wise.

    They only won 38 games all year.

  34. Which team would win the game ? 1935 Boston Braves vs june 7th 2007 Atlanta Braves?

  35. Stu hit it on the head. Fields was great last year and a disappointment this year. Might be injured, who knows? But when it’s working right for him he’s pretty darn good.

  36. Nasa, I don’t know who would win, but one thing i do know is, I hate the Mets.

  37. Stu and Urlhix,

    Thanks for the info about Fields…I only had the scouting report and the video to go on, hopeully he can fix whatever his problem has been…injury or whatever it is.

  38. I don’t get why the Braves are so utterly baffled by Hill’s curveball. This is already the third time they’ve faced him this year. You’d think they would have a pretty good idea what to expect by now. Idiots.

  39. I think we need another choice, “right now, yes.” Just a suggestion from the peanut gallery.

  40. I voted “maybe” or in other words…Yes but I don’t want to admit it….but as soon as Chipper comes back, McCann gets healthy and Bobby finally decides to get Salty in the line-up everyday…at FIRST! Thor is sucking…

  41. #86 I guess that’s what maybe means. Sorry Mac, I’ll try to read closely next time before making announcements from the gallery.

  42. Chi Cubs 2, Andruw Jones 1. Care to tie it up, Druw? Or will it all be your fault again?

  43. I blame this all on Andruw… I’m going to go rinse the vomit out of my mouth.

  44. Sheesh.
    Not Andruw’s fault. I wonder what the Braves’ record is in games Andruw swipes a base. Anyone with that stat? Mac?

  45. I’m back. You’re right, it wasn’t Andruw’s fault. Just some bad fast food. Sorry er.

  46. Tom H,

    Yes, we drafted Heyward(OF/1B)…who has tons of power, good plate dicipline and judging from his scouting video, pretty good defender. But he’s going to hit a lot of homers in five years or so….

    Then we drafted Jonathan Gilmore who is a third baseman with “raw power”…

    and of course we drafted Orr v2…aka Brandon Hicks…yay.

  47. Jeff M., steer clear of Jack in the Box during close games. I have had the same problem lately.

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