Braves 8, Mets 1 – MLB – Box Score – Mets at Braves

Where the heck did that come from? Kyle Davies went eight innings, allowed but six hits, struck out three, and hit a home run. Against the Mets. Go figure.

Andruw, meanwhile, finally had some hits. In the second, after back-to-back doubles from McCann and Francoeur, he singled in Francoeur to make it 2-0. He also walked and scored in the sixth, and doubled in the seventh. He did hit into a bases-loaded double play in the third, which kept the game at 4-0. It was 5-0 by the end of the fourth inning, and Sosa was out of there. Davies’ three-run, two-out homer in the sixth totally broke it open, turning a 5-1 game to 8-1 and allowing the Braves to coast.

The only Brave to not reach base was Chipper. Again, go figure. Wickman pitched the ninth, which makes sense since he’d only pitched once since he came off the DL.

And Redman was released. Good day.

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  1. I got to see the tail end of the game. Wow. Davies looked, dare I say, good out there. I was also glad to see Andruw get a couple of hits. His double was a rope. But not to right field which makes it not as good I guess. Releasing Redman was a good thing. It will be very interesting to see what quad A guy or re tread we bring up to replace him.

  2. I watched the first inning and had already given the game to the Mets because Sosa appeared “on” and Davies just didn’t, but by the 2nd inning they had swapped it and Davies seemed to settle in. Twas nice to have a W for the first game of the series, we’ve got pretty good odds to take 2 of three now with Smoltz taking the mound on Thursday (MAN I wish I could figure out a way to work going to that game into my schedule). The thing that really surprised me was how silly Renteria looked on his strikeout in the first against Sosa.

  3. Dying to see the Mighty Thor against Perez tonight. What a thump last night!
    Lerew had a rough game against the Mets; Perez has killed us. Of course, tonight will be a complete reversal. Leaving us all in wonder of what’s to become of Lerew.

    Go Braves!

  4. Yesterday afternoon, Joey Devine was telling friends and family that he was getting called up to join Atlanta.

  5. Now that was the Good Davies. Maybe this will be something he can build on. Anyway the real story today is that Redman is gone. Addition by Subtraction.

  6. Missed most of the game yesterday to go see Yovani Gallardo pitch for the Sounds here in Nashville against Memphis (St. Louis’ AAA). And the starting RF’s for both teams – Charles Thomas for Nashville and Rick Ankiel for Memphis, who, BTW, has 9 homers on the year. I think it’d be great if he made the majors again as a hitter.
    pretty fun
    Was very nice to come home and see Wick finish out an 8-1 victory. Read a Mets blog afterwards just for fun; I’d consider it recommended reading after any big Braves win over the Mets.

    Keep it goin’ Chuckie! (And Go Vandy, too!)

  7. Schuerholz has actually been quite busy this year. He traded Langerhans, released Redman and Wilson, and DLed our ineffective closer all within the first two months of the season. Willie Harris and Salty have both been fantastic, and Lerew has shown flashes of not being terrible.

    You might almost think JS is listening to our complaints.

  8. Agree, AAR… sometimes even too much it seems (“sign Craig Wilson”)… By the way, am I the only one who thinks that Cormier will not be our saviour?

  9. Good day to be a Braves fan. Braves kill the Mets, realize mistake early on and release dreadful Redman, and call up former #1 pick Devine, who hopefully will be eased in our deep bullpen and stick around for good.

  10. I think Carlyle will get the start. Why was devine brought up to the team? Has he been tearing it up in the minors? I’d like to see him dominate AAA for a full year before we start thinking about him. Why wasn’t McBride or Boyer optioned?

    Hiram. What else can I say besides, WOW! He had a monster day. I loved the dugout reaction to his bomb.

  11. Releasing Redman made it a good day, bashing the Muts made it a great day. JS does seem to be more proactive these days in cutting bait, but its probably because he’s had more options in the minors than he did the last few years. Maybe Willie Harris, or Diaz can bring in a servicable back end of the rotation starter soon. It would be a huge mistake to trade Salty, and I doubt that they would bring him up and use him in this role if they planned on trading him. I think we could see him in a LF platoon down the line.

  12. timo,
    Cormier will not be our saviour, especially as a starter. His arm has never recovered from being used like a $2 hooker his first couple of seasons. I do think we could squeeze a few starts out of him per season, but to hang our hopes on him stabilizing the back end of the rotation…i just don’t see it.

    3 things i took from being at the game last night:
    KJ is one tall dude
    Thor crushed the daylights out of that ball
    Hiram needs to lose that “man chach” he calls a goatee.

  13. Sweep!

    I’ll be at Yankee Stadium tonight, trying to stay out of the fan dumbassfest that those games have become, all while listening to the Braves/Mets on radio.

    I’m sure I’ll have a story or two to report. Something always happens when the Sawx/Yanks get together.

  14. So, apparently Kyle Davies hit cleanup behind Frenchy back in the day. According to Francouer, “Kyle was probably the greatest 13-year-old hitter I’ve ever seen. But times change.”

    I gotta say, the Atlanta area is some kinda baseball powerhouse.

  15. So, you guys think Salty will be playing first base and batting righty against Perez tonight? My Magic 8-ball says, “It is decidedly so.”

  16. Randomness:
    I missed Skip’s comment last night on TBS due to a phone call, but it apparently cracked the Caray’s up for 20 to 30 minutes.

    I did catch his comment earlier about the guy who got a foul ball. Saying it made the fans night, then realizing he was beside an incredibly hot woman, Skip says, “That fan was already happy.”

    Was it Caray wittiness last night or just absurdity?

    By the way, I don’t believe Chip once said “FISTED TO THE RIGHT SIDE” last night. So that’s good.

  17. So what was the conversation about that made Chip ask: “When is your next television appearance?” to which Skip replied “Supposed to be Sunday.”

  18. Chip said that TBS producer Glenn Diamond was coming up with the Aflac trivia question for tonight’s game, and Skip replied, “Well, that means the answer will be Hank Greenberg.” But I missed what was said next, which apparently was what launched the hysterics.

  19. My predicted lineup for tonight…


    It would be interesting if Salty plays. Maybe see him at 1b tonight or in McCanns spot. I just hope Woodward isnt playing. If he does Diaz needs to leadoff

  20. If anyone remembers approximately when during the game the Caray antics happened, I can find it on the archive on MLB.TV. I don’t really feel like watching the whole thing just to find that, though.

  21. who hear misses LaRoche. How about JS trades this offseason.

    the best, by far, cheaper Soriano for HoRam
    cheaper Gonzo for LaRoche. Thorman walks more and k’s less than LaRoche, but hustles every play

  22. McCann is starting to get back in the groove at the plate, so I hope we have him catching and Salty at first. It would probably be good to see what he can do over there, anyway.

    I’m guessing, though, that it’ll be Salty catching and Thorman at first.

  23. I also thought that top left was Greg Maddux somehow.

    And look at the smile on Jeffrey. It’s like he’s just seen Chip’s eyebrows.

  24. KJ is a Met killer. He must play every game this series. It’s tough to take Thorman out after he hit a dinger last night, but I think we Salty tonight. My guess is at first.

  25. #27

    It was late in the game, 6th inning on. It has a cutaway to them laughing in the booth, I know that.

  26. Does anyone think Davies good game tonight was a by-product of an extremely big strike zone? I hope not, but I can’t help but be a little skeptical – I mean that was a HUGE strike zone (for both teams). However, I did like the movement I saw on most of those pitches.

  27. I was also glad to see Andruw get a couple of hits. His double was a rope. But not to right field which makes it not as good I guess.

    Hooray for the straw man!

    He’s going to rope doubles down the left-field line when the pitcher is dumb enough to leave something over the inner half of the plate, Johnny. The problem is that he puts that same swing on pitches on the outer half, in the left-handed batter’s box, and at his eyes.

    I don’t think even Joe Simpson would advocate Andruw taking those inner-half pitches to the opposite field, but if you want to pretend like that’s the opposing argument, I suppose it’s your right.

  28. ‘answer is Hang Greenburg’ Must be an inside joke. I sure hope that they put Pete in the TV booth at some point this season.

  29. Not going to happen Johnny. From what I heard, Skip and Chip have ten games, with Joe and Chip carrying the other 60 TBS games.

    Pete is radio only.

  30. Fun baseball atmosphere in Gotham today.

    Met fans are doing their typical woe-is-us-the-Braves-own-us whining.

    And Yankee fans are standing on the bridge, ready to jump, esp. if they don’t win tonight. More Giambi drugtest talk. Rumors that he’s going to have his contract voided, rumors that he’s going to get traded for a guy hitting .130.

    As Paul Weller once sang, “That’s entertainment.”

  31. So Saturday it seems to be Buddy carlyle vs. Adam Eaton according to

  32. Tonight’s game is kind of big for both teams, but not a season breaker or anything.

  33. Ububba, keep the NY baseball updates coming. I highly recommend reading the NY Post after a Braves victory over the Mets. I hope they don’t have an Oliver Perez love fest in the Post tomorrow.

  34. If anyone was still wondering from earlier in the thread about the ‘Hank Greenberg’ thing between the Caray’s, I found it. Kyle exaggerated just how long it was, it only went on about a minute and a half, and I don’t even really get it, must be an inside joke or something; maybe Glenn is Jewish, as I think Sansho implied. But I spent enough time finding it, so here it is.

    Chip: you back here on tv tomorrow?
    Skip: no, they don’t let me over here that often, i’m armed and dangerous
    C: well i hear glenn is gonna come up with the aflac trivia question tomorrow
    S: that’s distressing news….but i’ll betcha the answer is hank greenberg
    C: (starting to laugh)…down goes frazier…(doing his idiotic laugh)…you couldn’t resist, could you, you just couldn’t resist
    S: no, i couldn’t (cutaway to booth where they’re both cracking up)…supposed to have fun, folks
    C: it’s not church, you’re right…when’s your next tv game? in 2009?
    S: it was to be sunday, but i think that’s subject to change….hank greenberg was a good player
    C: yeah…but we’re not playing the tigers
    (both continuing to laugh until the end of the inning)

    So there it is. I know y’all were all on the edge of your seat waiting for that.

  35. someone please tell me if i’m supposed to be offended. i suspect i should be.

  36. (when that conversation was going on, i had absolutely no idea what the hell they were talking about or what was so funny.)

  37. I’m reminded of this exchange from Seinfeld:

    Father: And this offends you as a Jewish person?
    Jerry: No, it offends me as a comedian.

  38. That’s why it cracked them up so much, I think. Not because it was funny per se (although, unfortunately, just saying “he’s Jewish” will suffice as a punchline for the country club set around here — I’ve witnessed that more than once), but because he was skirting the boundary of appropriateness, as Skip will do.

  39. Just in time for the Braves series…

    “LAKEWOOD, N.J. (AP) -Philadelphia Phillies first baseman Ryan Howard hit a game-winning home run and went 2-for-3 with four RBIs in a rehab start Wednesday at Class A Lakewood.
    “We look for him to come back, hopefully Friday, and be in the lineup,” said Phillies general manager Pat Gillick.”

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