Braves 6, Nots 2

MLB – Atlanta Braves/Washington Nationals Box Score Tuesday May 15, 2007 – Yahoo! Sports

Edgar Renteria might learn to like this hitting third thing. He hit a two-run homer to give the Braves a first-inning lead, and a solo homer in the seventh to cap their scoring. With another strong outing from Tim Hudson, the Braves got back to winning.

Hudson went seven, allowing one run, striking out four, allowing only three hits, and walking just one. (Who drove in the one run? Langerhans, naturally.) He didn’t allow a baserunner until the fifth, and needed just 84 pitches.

The Braves, after Renteria’s homer, broke the game open in the third with three more runs on four straight singles from the four top hitters in the order, followed by a sac fly from McCann and a two-out single from Thormann.

Gonzalez pitched the eighth, even with a five-run lead, and allowed a run on one hit — a triple. Soriano pitched the ninth.

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  1. I don’t get why Bobby uses his best relievers in the 8th and 9th vs a bad team like Washington unless it was just to get them work.

  2. Soriano actually pitched 1.1 Innings, getting the last out in the 8th. I wonder if there’s something wrong with Gonzalez, or why was he taken out of the game after just 2/3 of an inning with a five run lead?

  3. Alex, right now he IS the best pitcher not only in the league, but in baseball. Who ist better? I could come up with a few names who might come close, but no one ist better than Huddy right now.

  4. Hard to know what to believe when reading about pitching injuries, but the loss of velocity is ominous. Since he is reliever the comparisons to Avery may not be entirely suitable, but they remain scary to contemplate. It seems that it was almost too much to ask that all of our power relievers remain healthy….

  5. O.K. I’m gonna take the glass half full approach to this. I don’t think I’m in the mood for doom and gloom this morning. This is the first game that this has been mentioned. Before last night he was pitching unbelievable. I’m not gonna believe that after one start his now Steve Avery and his career is over. Wow, to me that is crazy. We have the ability with our deep bullpen to just back off a little and make sure he is fine. Now lets all take a deep breath.

  6. With Chipper out, Smoltzie questionable and now this, it might not be time for PANIC!!!!!!!, but definately for concern. Thank God Wickman is back.

  7. Yeah, we might want to wait at least a couple of hours before writing Gonzalez off. It is certainly troubling but the past is not always prologue. But I do understand why Bobby uses his best relievers even against a bad team. First, it was a five run lead, not 8 or 9 and, in this day and age, that’s not necessarily safe even against a bad team, especially if you start throwing in the back end of the bullpen. Second, there’s nothing wrong with giving them an inning of relatively stress-free work, especially since they did not pitch yesterday.

    BTW, those in the DC area–does anyone agree that Bob Carpenter, the Nats’ announcer might be the worst announcer ever–even worse than Chip Carey?

  8. I think we need to give Renteria is just due. He has been fantastic this year at the plate. He was pretty solid last year as well. I don’t want to argue about his defensive limits because I’m not gonna pretend that he is a gold glover. The fact is that the trade of Marte is looking better and better every day. I’d hate to see where we’d be at SS if we did not have Renteria.

  9. I’m with JoshQ: Renteria is absolutely tearing the cover off the ball right now.

    Maybe he could play first base, and Thorman could play shortstop?

  10. Ah, yes, the fresh smell of panic in the morning. Lighten up, some of you people.

    Doom and gloom is very easy to do, but sometimes, I just get sick of it. This is one of those times.

  11. Hard to know what to believe when reading about pitching injuries, but the loss of velocity is ominous.

    Even more ominous to me is getting pulled with two outs and a four run lead. That just screams to me “There is more to this story!”. Anyway, what can you do? Pitchers get hurt. Thank God Kali has become useful and Bobby hasn’t destroyed Soriano yet.

    I’m with JoshQ: Renteria is absolutely tearing the cover off the ball right now.

    Indeed. Although many can’t get past his defensive shortcomings, Edgar has been great for us. But you want someone who is really tearing the cover off the ball right now check out our old friend Rafael Furcal. 14 for his last 16.

  12. I don’t get all the grousing about bringing in top relievers in games like yesterday. I think it’s Bobby’s way of sending a message that two game slides are taken seriously and we will not let things get out of hand. Secondly, if…IF Gonzo has problems, it’s not because he was brought in to mop up the nats.

    And yes, Rentaria has been great this year. Though, I caught some of the Dodger game last night (I will listen to Vin Scully any chance I get) Furcal, who I’ve lost touch with had something like 12 hits in 13 ab’s at one point last night. That is stupid, no matter what kind of start he got off to.

  13. Marc – Carpenter certainly is terrible – one of the worst play-by-play guys I’ve ever heard. I was so happy when Don joined, at least he adds some knowledge of the game.

  14. This just reminds me too much of what we went through with Reitsma last year. Don’t the Braves have anybody on their training staff who can diagnose arm injuries??

  15. I love the glowing assessment of Milledge’s character by his hip hop partner, “Manny D”:

    “Do I feel like he should watch what he says because he’s in the public eye? Yeah, but everything he’s doing is positive,” Manny D said. “He’s not out there shooting people or shooting up dope.

    Have we really devolved as a society to the point that not shooting people and >i>not shooting up dope is actually considered “positive”?

  16. Anything that might drive down his trade value is fine with me. He’s the Mets’ problem.

    The bigger concern: Can we get the good Davies tonight?

  17. now, fellas, i’m wondering whether the sale of the braves to liberty (which should be finished tonight) media conglomerate would increase the payroll…

    …if that IS the case, and we can raise our payroll to the $100 million level, that would allow us to pay the 5 years 96 million it will take to land andruw AS WELL AS keeping frenchy and salty happy while going after a young, possibly FA left fielder.

    yet, for me, i would keep the money on the left fielder and go after some more starters (would a salty and another player get us Verlander??? if so, go get him).

  18. Basil,

    In the real world, no. In the hip-hop universe, yes, not having shot someone is considered a sign of a glowing character.

    You always hear teams say they look at character. I never really believe that because I guarantee if someone can play, teams will find ways to overlook character flaws. But Milledge may have gone too far, especially since he isn’t an established player yet. Maybe he and John Rocker can cut an album together.

  19. I don’t think we have to worry about receiving Milledge in a trade. The Mets won’t be able to give him away now.

  20. “if that IS the case, and we can raise our payroll to the $100 million level, that would allow us to pay the 5 years 96 million it will take to land andruw”

    Even if they do increase payroll, do you REALLY want to invest that much money in Andruw Jones?

    Why is Andruw Jones still the clean-up hitter?

  21. No wonder Beane wanted Milledge in Oakland. Milledge and Milton Bradley would make a great outfield duo. I would still trade for Milledge, though. I love that Milledge’s mother named him Lastings because he was the last kid she planned on having.

  22. From that article:

    “After the game, Porter ran a series of tests on Gonzalez and none of them revealed any hint of structural damage. While encouraging, that didn’t exactly ease the mind of the left-handed reliever, who knows there’s a chance something is wrong with his arm.”

    I really think he’ll be fine. Saying “I think Gonzalez is done” is just hopelessly paranoid.

  23. Maybe I should be screaming about Hampton’s chances of returning this year, or ever, for that matter. Would that make me less paranoid?

  24. Lastings Milledge’s MySpace page is absolutely ridiculous. I’ve mentioned that on here before. He’s gotta be one of the most cocky people in the world of sports, if not the world period. He’ll quickly become the Terrell Owens of baseball where no one will want to play with him, especially after seeing that link.

  25. I agree with ububba: forget Hampton. He’s our Mark Prior. If he’s healthy, super, but we have no business relying on him. I like our top three against most top threes in the league. With our bullpen and offense, we’ll be in good shape. Hope Gonzalez is ok. No need to panic though.

    Go Braves.

  26. It might not be time to PANIC!!!! but it’s time to at least be a little concerned.

    This guy had arm problem last season…had some discomfort this year already, and for some reason lost about 7 mph on his fastball yesterday.

    I may be in the minority here, but that doesn’t really sound all too encouraging.

  27. Jones’ prolonged slump does make me question whether he has anything left in his tank or not, it has been what, 5 months on no hitting carrying over from last season.
    19 mill a year? Or go find 2 or 3 more pitchers for the staff?
    I say pitchers, but if he hits 10 HR’s in 2 weeks I will change my mind.
    Gonzalez=toast, sudden loss of velocity for no reason is disastrous. He will join Hampton in the permanent IR soon.
    Feeling pessimistic today after my softball teams 3-21 season just ended and the only two good players graduating.

  28. Let’s try this fake scenerio:

    Liberty Media increases payroll. After salary increases for young players, the Braves have enough to sign one big free agent. Do you sign: Andruw Jones, Carlos Zambrano or neither/spread the money around?

  29. The Cubbies spent money like drunken sailors last winter. If they break .500, they’ll continue to do so. Moreover, there’s no way they will let Zambrano go to the Braves for fear of losing another HOF (like Maddox) to us. And in a bidding war with the Cubs who do you think is going to win?

    That said, I don’t know much about what our money will be like in the off season. Personally, I hate the idea of Jones not being a Brave, but I’d also hate the idea of overpaying him and having no money left in the bank to compete with other teams. Quite a pickle JS faces…

  30. Um… because we have infielders coming out of our ears but no centerfielders? Because A-Rod might not be a free agent? Because he will be more expensive?

  31. I don’t think it is, Alex. He’s got a lot of webcam pictures on there that I don’t think some random fan could get. Now, Francouer’s, McCann’s, Langerhans’ pages on Facebook, now those are fake.

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