Ladies and Gentlemen… The Dyin’ Hawaiian, the Volcanic Disruption, the Possessor of the Pictures, the Unclutchest Pitcher of All… Tyler Kali Yates!

Yates’ overall stats (50 IP, 46 K, 31 BB, 6 HR, 396 ERA) aren’t actually that bad, but his utter failure is demonstrated best by the splits, I think. He allowed six home runs in 217 plate appearances against; four of the six came in 81 PA in one-run or tied games. The more distance there was between the teams the better he pitched; when the game was five or more runs, he allowed a miniscule .129/.229/.161 line, but within one run it was .300/.410/.600. In short, his stats are as good as they are — and they’re not great — because he did well in blowouts.

Yates has good stuff, but was useless, and likely to grow more so. He was actually quite lucky, a .273 batting average on balls in play, which he won’t be able to maintain, and his ERA will skyrocket. Does he have a psychological block? Was it bad luck? Is he, in fact, a deep-cover Mets operative? Whatever he is, he’s out of options. Hopefully the Braves will say goodbye this spring, but I’m not too optimistic.

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