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  1. It was Leo, not Kent Hrbek, who wrestled Gant off the first base bag in the 1991 World Series.
    Leo also used a voodoo doll in the same series to make Lonnie Smith run the bases like a moron.

  2. Did you know that Leo is solely responsible for the romance dialogue in “Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones?”

  3. LOL! This thread is hilarious!

    Seriously, though, I heard that Leo is behind the whole illegal hockey gambling thing.

  4. I heard from my cousin that knows Billy Bean’s hair dresser that Leo pulled Kwan’s grion, foiled the Braves attempt to trade Damien Moss strait up for Albert Puljos a few years ago. He also hit Chipper’s foot with a bat last year and made HoRam cry about 15 different times.

  5. I hear Leo let the dogs out. *bastard*

    He also lives la vida loca and has whatcha really, really want.

  6. I heard that Leo thought that Mondi was our MVP last year and only left becuase we weren’t going to sign him this offseason.

  7. It was Leo who threw all the flags against the Seahawks, even the flag thrown the Tuesday after the Super Bowl.

  8. I heard Leo encouraged Mark Bowman to take up sports journalism. Little did he know that the massive propaganda machine he helped construct would one day turn against him…

  9. C’mon guys ease up on Leo. I’ll admit the evidence doesn’t look good, but after all, he was never convicted of any crime

  10. During the playoffs every year, Leo’s paychecks are signed by someone called ‘Steinbrenner’

  11. Around 50 posts, it appears that most of the clever ones have had their say. I give the Leo award to young Rob Cope, count it.

  12. I like Craig Wilson, and he’s a fantastic ace in the hole pinch hitter, but he’s a defensive liability and I don’t think he’s significantly better than our current crop of corner infield options. He’s a better hitter than Adam LaRoche, but then… so is everyone else.

  13. Sorry, I meant corner outfield options. I think this offseason–that is, the Andy Marte affair–proves the corner infield is pretty well set.

  14. OK, so on Rob Neyer’s chat (apologies if it’s on Insider), he thinks either McCann or Saltalamacchia will be moved to first base.

    Questions for everyone: is that a plausible possibility, and if so, which one would be moved?

  15. It really depends. Everything I’ve heard says Salty is the more athletic of the two and has the better bat. OTOH, that means that he’ll also be more valuable as a catcher. At this point, my gut says Salty, but you’ve got to wonder if it might not be wizer to try and trade one of them.

    Interestingly, I’ve seen Pena rated as our #3 prospect. Since there’s obviously no place for him to start, does anyone see him getting shipped off somewhere in the near future? I mean, the C market is apperantly pretty saturated atm, but perhaps in another year or two…. Then again, maybe he’ll just stick around and back up McCann/Salty in ’07, etc.

  16. Who the heck rated Pena that high? I mean, I thought I was Pena’s biggest fan, and I never thought he was that good.

    McCann will probably hold onto the catching job because he already has it. Saltalamacchia would only have a chance if McCann got hurt (particularly a knee injury) and he was able to grab the job from him. It’s a lot easier to move a guy in the minors than to bring in a new guy and move a guy in the majors.

  17. I guess all this minor league depth is a nice problem to have, but I wouldn’t necessarily want to see Salty traded unless we get more for him than we did Marte. Too bad that his best value probably is at catcher and will have to be traded at some point. In that case, I’d hope that we dealt from a position of leverage instead of putting our best prospect out there to plug a hole

  18. Is that right before they ended up stacking their team with McGriff and others, or a different situation?

  19. They came up with Santiago and Alomar Jr. pretty close to one another. They jerked Junior around a little for a couple of years, then traded him (and Baerga, who was blocked by Alomar’s brother) for Joe Carter. After a year or so, they traded Carter and Robby (they still had Bip Roberts) for McGriff and Tony Fernandez.

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