New coach has different pitch |

The character assassination of Leo Mazzone continues. Frankly, the Braves almost deserve to have a bad year for the way they’re acting. You can praise Roger McDowell without savaging his predecessor’s character.

Mike Remlinger is a bit more tempered. I love Mike Remlinger.

“Especially with the younger guys, Leo could be a little bit gruff,” Remlinger said. “If he didn’t get it the way he wanted, he would let you know about it.

“Even he and I butted heads a couple of times. But the next day, he didn’t hold things against you and it was time to get back to work. He helped me tremendously.

“I lot of guys don’t want to hear the truth. Sometimes you need to hear, ‘You’re not very good right now.’ Sometimes you have to face that reality and get things fixed.”