His MVP candidate season was peculiar in that other than home runs and slugging percentage (and RBI, though that’s mostly team context) his offensive numbers were pretty flat. He hit .263 with a .347 OBP; his career norms are .267 and .342. You would think that, if nothing else, 15 additional homers would mean 15 additional hits, but it didn’t work out that way, for whatever reason. JC would like me to say here that PrOPS thinks Andruw was hit-unlucky last year. If the hits fall, he could lose a few homers and still have better overall numbers; .280/.360/.580, maybe.

Set a career high in HBP; my theory on that (that Andruw, for some reason, plays better when he’s getting hit) may have legs. Arrested a trend of increasing GIDP; his 19 were the second-highest of his career, but five fewer than in 2004; it had been rising each year since 2001.

Ruben Sierra, at long last, is no longer Andruw’s most-comparable hitter. He has been passed by a bona fide Hall of Famer, Frank Robinson. Sierra is second. The rest of the list is made up of Hall of Famers (Kaline, Mathews, Aaron), will-be Hall of Famers (Junior Griffey, Barry Bonds), should-be Hall of Famers (Santo) and should-have-been Hall of Famers (Strawberry, Juan Gonzalez). Andruw’s moving into that territory. One of Bill James’ projection systems has him finishing his career with over 550 homers and nearly 3000 hits. His 50th homer last year was also the 300th of his career. While Chipper is passing Murphy on the Atlanta leaderboards, Andruw is starting to move past Hank for third. Needs 92 hits for 1500, 106 RBI for 1000, 26 doubles for 300. Will probably be the Atlanta record holder for career homers, possibly as soon as the 2007 (depending upon Chipper’s health).

Probably has slowed down some in the outfield, but stats showing him as basically average last year in center are fishy to me; there are all sorts of peculiarities in last year’s outfield stats for the Braves, and I don’t think any conclusions should be drawn there. He’s no longer a good basestealer, and doesn’t run much anymore.

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