List O’ The Day

Hits by shortstops, through the age of 29:

1 Alex Rodriguez 1901
2 Robin Yount 1856
3 George Davis 1723
4 Arky Vaughan 1709
5 Edgar Renteria 1595
6 Dick Bartell 1553
7 Cal Ripken 1552
8 Derek Jeter 1546
9 Joe Sewell 1516
10 Alan Trammell 1505

(The Sabermetric Encyclopedia rates Harvey Kuenn a shortstop, which would put him ninth on the list with 1518, but he played more games in the outfield than at short – he was moved off the position at 26 — and I consider him an outfielder.)

If Renteria is actually 28, not 29, then he moves to third on that list behind only Yount and A-Rod. All the eligible players on the list but Trammell and Bartell are in the Hall of Fame, and I think Trammell will probably make it in someday — albeit not anytime soon. A-Rod, Ripken, and Jeter should all make it in easily. Bill James projects Renteria with a 31% chance of 3000 hits, sixth-best among active players. That’s if he was 29 last year, it rises if he was 28.

4 thoughts on “List O’ The Day”

  1. Wow, interesting, and a reminder that Rentaria still has some upside if he stops wanting to be a mid-order RBI hitter

    “NO SHTT!” observation of the day
    It helps to come up at age 20 as far as racking up career #s goes

  2. Mac, sorry to post off topic, but are you or anyone else interested on how Merkin Valdez will do this year w/the Giants. Valdez was apart of the deal we gave for Russ Ortiz. I heard the Giants will use him out of the pen and possibly as their closer.

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