7 thoughts on “Tommy Lasorda needs professional help”

  1. Let’s all look back to 1991 when the Dodgers were the Yankees of the NL and we beat their asses!

  2. I was ten the first time i lost my voice at a sporting event. I lost it yelling at Lasorda to get back in the dug-out. People who say Atlanta fans are “nice” never saw Lasorda come out of the dugout a Fulton County.

    Mmmmm that’s good hate!

  3. Remember the slim fast commercials? I used to ask my dad when I was a kid “Dad, ho come the Dodger’s manager is so fat? He is setting a bad example.” My dad always said Tommy wasn’t very bright.

  4. I like the Phillie Phanatic believe it or not. This season I saw him sneak up behind Wilson Betemit while he was playing catch during BP and seriously reach between his legs and grab Wil’s crotch. One of the funniest and ballsiest damn thing’s I’ve ever seen a mascot do.

  5. I love the “walking eagle” comment. As Otter- or was it Boon?- would say: what a tool.

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