5 thoughts on “Hostilities cease”

  1. I actually enjoy Dayne Perry’s writing. He has a great sense of humor and his style and honesty is refreshing. He brings nice balance to the traditionalist writers at Fox Sports. This article is great. I know that some have dinged him for his anti Brave bias but I’ve read some stuff from him that is open praise for our team as well so I think that its pretty even.

  2. I dog Dayne as often as possible myself, but this one was okay (except for the snarky take on Chipper). Coming from Alabama as well, I wonder where Dayne gets the attitude.

  3. I enjoyed his historical and contextual approach to the article. I actually learned a lot from it.

  4. Thanks for the link and article. I spent most of my first 12 years in Nashville and it was filled many diehard Cardinal fans. When the Braves moved South tastes in Nashville began to improve–though the Cardinals still remain popular.

  5. Perry and Will “The Thrill” Carroll are always taking cheap shots at Chipper Jones. And with no support for their position, they seem to think Jones is the worst-fielding 3B in history. The ass clowns at BP, with Perry leading the charge, actively and maliciously root against the success of the Washington Nationals franchise, and one of Perry’s New Year’s wishes was that the Nationals would fail. Oddly enough, in this regard li’l Dayne is far worse than any heartbroken Montreal habitant. The BPers really show their asses with all their snideness about DC. (I think, in part, Dayne and the other kiddies at BP believe they are getting back at Bud Selig by trashing the Nationals.) And I almost forgot to mention Perry’s extremely creepy, masturbatory “imaginary date” pieces for Fox Sports, where he fantasizes dates and sexual adventures with beautiful actresses and such: literary roofies is the only way he can get close to these women. Just extra creepy. Yuck.

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