7 thoughts on “Poll of the day”

  1. Reitsma’s the best pitcher in the bullpen.

    Smoltz is more valuable starting, and Reitsma’s the next best pitcher on that list until Devine gets a few major league innings under his belt.

    I don’t see an argument for anyone but Reitsma unless you’re of the “throw to the wolves” philosophy of seeing how good Devine really is.

  2. ooooo… Comcast must like Kolb, too. They’ve just offered me high-speed internet for less than $10/month just because I voted for Danny! And I didn’t even expect anything in return for just doing my civic duty.


  3. Now I can win a free Sony Vaio!

    I voted for “someone else” but I have no idea who that should be. The O’s may shop BJ Ryan; why, I have no idea, but this has been flying around in more than one place. Doubt we can afford him, though. Closers are really at a premium. We may have to just make one. I don’t think we have one to make, though, which means we need to use Leo’s magic.

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