Mark Prior, stupid punk

Apparently, Prior bowled over Marcus making a play at second, and Marcus has left the game. Baseball is not supposed to be a contact sport, and I’m sick of seeing players hurt at second base on routine plays.

7 thoughts on “Mark Prior, stupid punk”

  1. I totally agree. Mark should of just watched where he was going and there wouldnt of been a problem.

    Wasn’t there a rule saying something like if you slide into second base (trying to break up a double play) and you can not touch the bag on your slide, then your thrown out of the game? So many times i see a guy sliding into second trying to take someone out. I’m ok with that as long as you make an attempt or can atleast touch the bag on the slide. I’m just waiting for someone to come down and step on the guy sliding into second and really hurt him. It’s just a matter of time till it happens.

  2. I am pretty sure your right. but in football certain types of blocks and hit are illegal to protect the players, same thing should apply to baseball…

  3. I think a 250 pound guy spearing a player in the back is a little different than a guy, even with metal cleats, trying to take a guy out to break up a double play. I got cleated once in high school and missed pretty much the whole rest of the season because someone took me out at second. I’ve also gotten a concussion from a short stop hitting me in the head with his knee on a double play. It happens, it’s apart of baseball, and everyone that can’t take a little contact… take up golf.

  4. Mark Prior is one of the best pitchers is Major League Baseball right now. Apparently he is also a talented fielder, so maybe you all should just deal with the fact that the Cubs are threatening the Braves this year. So don’t knock on Mark Prior because the Braves have poor base-running skills.

  5. I totally agree with everyone who feels that Mark did not do it on purpose! he even said in interviews about the event that he did not mean to do it on purpose and he was trying to get out of his way! I mean I have also gotten hit in the head by balls, people, knocked completely off my feet @ a play @ the plate and i’ve survived! Mark was out for about a month and now he’s proving that he made a mistake and he can make up for it. I have once gotten spiked and needed to have stitches for the fact that that girl ripped up the inner part of my leg. It was not fun but I’m still going. So is Mark. Mark is my idol and I love him to death!! CUBS GOING ALL THE WAY BABAY!!

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