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  1. sorry to post on something totally irrevelant, but did any1 catch the tail-end of andruw’s homer? that was a shot

  2. This made the front page of Primer. If it hits something like Fark, you could be getting many thousands of pageviews. Congrats!

  3. I’m not too worried about the bandwidth issue. We have a 40 GB bandwidth allowance a month (and we use a little less than half of that for all of the sites combined for a month). I’ll keep an eye on the logs and if something comes up, I’ll talk to the server folks.

  4. Just read that the Nationals were trying to get Preston Wilson from the Rockies for Zach Day. As Sponge Bob would say “Good luck with that.”

    That’ll take care of any chances they have to hold the lead. He hit .224 with an OPB of .280 away from Coors.

  5. Ha! “Trying”?

    If I’m Colorado, I might pause for a second to make sure they’re not joking, then say, “YES YES YES YES YES”.

  6. Where did you hear that? I hope it’s true! I saw Stanton once this year; he threw one pitch to Brian Roberts and lost the game when Roberts crushed it into the left field seats. It was a BAD pitch. Can’t wait to see him. And can’t wait to see Preston Wilson try to adjust from the best HR park in baseball to the worst.

    Hope everybody enjoyed last night’s game, I sure did. Andruw had a bomb, as did Miguel Tejada (MVP!), and BRob had a double and a lot of nice defensive plays. Sorry, Smoltz. I have, however, complained to FOX about their lousy coverage.

    Sorry, this is irrelevant.

  7. Y’all take a look at BP for a review of Bill Shanks’ Scouts Honor. Review by Nate Silver is excellent. Also take a look at Dayn Perry’s comments about the Braves in his Power Ratings column at FoxSports. Folks I’ve been a Braves fan since all we had was Dale Murphy with a sprinkling of Bob Horner and Phil Niekro. I think that its safe to say that we are fans of the best run team in MLB. Sorry off topic here.
    Will someone please tell Brad that I miss No Pepper a lot.

  8. Braves may deal Marte
    July 10
    New York Post “The Braves are generally perceived as having a dynamite farm system and, two executives said that Georgia natives Kyle Davies, Jeff Francouer and Brian McCann are untouchables. But that Atlanta would dip into the system to address other needs, including dealing touted third-base prospect Andy Marte.”

    I hope they get more than Baez if they trade him.

  9. From BA top prospects

    2. Chuck James, lhp, Braves (Double-A Mississippi)
    In what has been one of the best seasons by any pitcher in the minors, James delivered his best start of the season on Sunday afternoon, firing six perfect innings, striking out 11 of the 18 batters he faced. Ridiculous season totals update: 2.02 ERA in 102 innings, allowing just 66 hits and 23 walks while striking out 136.

  10. Jenny,

    You gotta stop with the Oriole love…no offense meant but yeesh. I HATE the Orioles. At least we agree on the Braves. Peter Angelos is SATAN.

    Though Mac strongly disagrees with me, if it’s the RIGHT deal, TRADE Andy Marte. We can afford to with the way Betemit has played.

    If it’s the D-Rays, my assumption is we’d get more then JUST Baez. Still, I think we need Baez because I am far, far from convinced that Chris Reitsma will hold up as closer. I absolutely don’t see it and don’t trust him. Maybe Jorge Sosa but we need to go outside for help.

    Since the Bosox traded for Chad Bradford today, I wonder if they would still consider that Kevin Millar’s used jock strap for Dan Kolbb deal? Hmmm.

    Back to the D-Rays…what about Aubrey Huff & Baez for Marte & Kolb?

  11. Wow…Danny Kolbb in Tampa just hit me like a ton of bricks.

    That’s kind of like Pauly Shore joining the cast of “Britney & Kevin: Chaotica”.

  12. I’m going to say this simply and clearly.

    Do. Not. Trade. Andy. Marte. For. Danys. Baez.

    Just don’t do it. Just don’t. I can’t even BELIEVE that anyone would want Baez! He is Dan Kolb of last year on an even worse team – the token All Star “proven closer.” We’re gonna give up Andy Marte for that? No way, no how.

    Alex, Betemit has played quite poorly the past three weeks. He hit worse last year in AAA than Marte has this year, despite being over two years older than Marte. Marte has an incredible track record, such that he is certainly one of the ten best prospects in all of baseball and probably top three. He is certainly a much better prospect than Francoeur, his two home runs notwithstanding.

    Please. No Danys Baez. If we learn anything about trades, it’s to be very, very afraid of guys like him.

  13. Alex, that’s a terrible trade. Baez is a dime-a-dozen reliever; he’s probably better than Kolbernero, but he’s not worth a prime prospect. Huff is having a terrible year, is overpaid, and is a bad outfielder.

  14. Sorry, Alex, but I don’t like the Spurs, either, so I think we’re even. Okay, Peter Angelos is the devil incarnate, but that doesn’t mean I can’t like his team. You live in VA, maybe that’s the reason for our difference of opinion :-)

    Can someone answer a question for me? I’m about halfway through Moneyball, they’re going through the A’s draft, and I don’t get one thing: if these were such fantastic, innovative draft picks, why have I never heard of any of these supposedly great players? I’ve heard of Nick Swisher and Mark Teahen, and that’s it. Maybe this is a dumb way of measuring the success of a draft, but if I haven’t heard of these guys, doesn’t that say something?

    Oh, yeah, and since when is Barry Zito a better pitcher than Ben Sheets? Maybe for a year he was, but not now. That’s another thing I didn’t get. But it’s a pretty good book.

  15. Jenny,

    I think Moneyball’s a joke.

    The real Moneyball= Hudson,Zito and Mulder.

    Theo Epstein’s Moneyball was Schilling,Pedro, Arroyo and Lowe.

    J.P Riccardi’s is Roy Halladay.

    Most of Beane’s Bunch are on the Midland Double A affilate.That’s pretty bad for players drafted from college in 2001 to be 24 and 25 and not above AA. Players drafted from College usually begin in AA or like Joey Devine are there quickly.

    From MILB.com

    S Stanley 79 312 49 100 17 2 5 32 136 37 39 5 6 .394 .436 .321 0
    B Stavisky 86 321 44 96 20 3 6 48 140 40 49 0 4 .377 .436 .299 2
    Jeremy Brown 72 241 36 59 12 1 8 29 97 29 47 0 0 .348 .402 .245 7

  16. I like the O’s too. But that is mostly because of Earl Weaver and Eddie Murray. Sure, Angelos blows but Camden is a great place to take in a game so it kind of balances out.Kyle is soooo right. When (not if, because I think it’s only a matter of time) The Road From Bristol gets greenlit at Farkdotcom you had better be ready or you will be, as they put it, farked. I’m not trying to be a Cassandra but a link from there can crush even a big-time server like a bug. And this tournament is the kind of thing farkers love.I second the congratulations, an idea this great deserves all the attention it is gonna get. Who knows, you guys just might save ESPN.

  17. Thanks for the info, Bob. I looked over the first five rounds of the 2002 draft and besides Brian McCann and Jeff Francoeur, I’d really never heard of any of them (besides the obvious few, like Khalil Greene). I don’t have time to figure out where all these guys are, but they’re not in the majors.

    Another problem I have with the book is that Lewis seems to assume the goal of running a baseball team is to have winning seasons. That’s all well and good, but I thought the goal was to get to the playoffs and win the World Series. Well, Oakland’s done the first part, but they always get eliminated in the ALDS and I don’t see any World Series rings. Small ball is okay when you play 162 games, many against teams that are horrible, but when you get to the playoffs and the other team has a mixture of on-base guys and big power hitting, plus great pitching, you’re in trouble.

    But I’m only halfway through the book. Lewis is an excellent writer.

  18. “Well, Oakland’s done the first part, but they always get eliminated in the ALDS and I don’t see any World Series rings. Small ball is okay when you play 162 games, many against teams that are horrible, but when you get to the playoffs and the other team has a mixture of on-base guys and big power hitting, plus great pitching, you’re in trouble.”

    I’m not sure you are reading the same book I read.

    Also, the book was written during the 2002 season, before ben sheets’s breakout year of 2004.

  19. Which book did you read? :-) Like I said, I’m only halfway through, so my interpretations are probably totally wrong and will change once I get to the end. All that verbal baloney was trying to say was that if Moneyball is so great, why haven’t the A’s won a World Series? I should have just said that in the first place.

    And yes, I know when the book was written :-). The author had no way of knowing Ben Sheets would be good. But if that statement didn’t hold up to the time test, what others won’t?

  20. the reason i say that is because the a’s don’t play small ball, or at least any definition of small ball i’m aware of. i can’t remember where in the book it is, but there’s a discussion about the a’s playoff performance. it talks a lot about how joe morgan has said the a’s don’t win in the playoffs because they never bunt or steal bases, when in fact their runs per game have been comparable to their regular season numbers, but their pitching has faltered come playoff time. from memory, the book takes the position of the playoffs being a crapshoot with the a’s having simply been unlucky.

    i think everyone here should know that if the a’s make the playoffs say, nine more times or so they’ll get lucky and win at least once.

  21. To their credit, the A’s have two players from that draft on their major league roster now: Joe Blanton and Nick Swisher. Another, Mark Teahen, spent time up with the Royals this year.

  22. Wasn’t Buck in that Draft too? Swisher was the only one of the guys they took that was supost to have any shot at the show. If four of the guys made it, thats not too bad. I think the biggest name in the book was Youkalis (sp) with Boston. He will get a shot at playing more in the next few years.

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