Game Thread: June 22, Marlins at Braves

Odds of Pat Corrales at some point arguing that Moeller is defacing the baseball: NO LINE

58 thoughts on “Game Thread: June 22, Marlins at Braves”

  1. TBS/Turner South has five excellent announcers. Couldn’t they give one permission for a day to work the FSN game? How many guys can work the radio game? HOW MANY?

    These Fox guys are horrible. Every FSN game has me, at some point, turning the sound off. I can miss the crack of the bat if it means missing retarded commentary and other vocal garbage. It’s hard to express how wrong they are in every statement they make.

  2. If Freddy Garcia dies, I vote we don’t hire Tom Peitorik to coach third. He thought Kelly Johnson should have tagged up on that can-of-corn to left. Then Jordan gets thrown out at hom on a simular play. FSN is horrible! Fox is destroying baseball, their game of the week coverage is even worse than FSN’s coverage. That damn foam ball “Slidder” comes out and tells us that a curve ball curves. Then we get Tim McCarver on top of that…ugh!

  3. On Gamecast, at least, Ramirez looks like he’s pitching pretty well. Decent strike/ball ratio, 41 pitches through 3 innings is not too shabby.

  4. The implication being that Freddy Gonzalez would replace Garcia in the White Sox rotation.

    I know, I’m a smartass. Agreed on Paciorek. ;)

  5. Two walks already. Perhaps Giles took his “routine day off yesterday” as an invitation to be more patient at the plate…

  6. Is it really necessary to take all these baserunning risks against Brian Mohler?

  7. And then the caught stealing with your only big time power threat at the plate. We seem to be trying to keep Moehler in this game for some reason.

  8. Two baserunners lost through “aggressiveness” so far. Excellent work. It’s not like Andruw is leading the league in home runs or something.

  9. I don’t think Betemit or Johnson has enough ABs to qualify for those lists. I’m trying to figure out whether they even include Chipper; I don’t think so.

  10. Update: they don’t. There is an option to list non-qualifiers too. Betemit would be right above Andruw, Chipper would be #41 (on the extended list, which is headed by a bunch of lucky pitchers), KJ would be #72.

    And on BB/PA, KJ is #13, Chipper is #17, Betemit is #53, Marte is #55.

  11. Is it me, or did Tom just make reference to himself having bigger genitalia than Dontrelle Willis?

  12. Oh god… ramirez This can’t be good

    and wow andruw really has turned it on the last couple weeks

  13. Is it just me, or do you notice silence from the ant-Andruw crowd when he’s going well? Conversely, when he’s struggling, his supporters still speak up. Just askin’

  14. What happened to Rameriz? Why is he pulled early? Sorry guys, I can’t see the game on TV…

  15. Horacio came out to start the sixth, was warming up, then Bobby and Porter came out and pulled him.

    It may be that the decision had already been made (due to some injury situation) and he was sent out to give Gryboski extra time to warm up.

  16. Hope Cox will finally realise Gryboski is better at starting an inning rather than in the middle of the inning. Hope Rameriz will be all right…

  17. On radio, they suggested Ramirez had/has hamstring problem(s) from running bases in bottom of 5th.

  18. kc: this was the fifth straight appearance in which Gryboski worked a full inning. I’m beginning to hope that maybe Bobby has finally clued in.

  19. Great, that’s exactly what we need, another starting pitcher getting hurt…not realising Rameriz is actually batting .300…

  20. Thank God Horacio won’t miss any time it seems; he maybe mediocre but at some point, we are going to run out of starters. I still think Greisinger needs more of a look.

    Thank God I live in Northern Virginia and have never actually HEARD Paciorek commentate.

  21. John Riedling is the Florida version of Dan Kolb. Maybe the Braves could swap the two, even up. Or trade someone for him to complete their collection of worst pitchers ever!

  22. How the mighty have fallen. I would say the McKeon Death March has officially begun. Just like the Phillies two years ago. If the Marlins can’t beat the Braves, they have no chance to win the division or the wild card for that matter.

    How many of those guys will be playing for another team come July 31? My guess is most of them. DoLuca, Conine, Mota, Lowell, Flipper, Shamu, Manny the Marlin, they’re all about to be on the trading block.

    It’s a shame really. The Marlins are quickly becoming this year’s version of the Phillies, but such is life. Me no care!

  23. For once, I’m glad to see Kolb. At this point, seeing Kolb means the game is so far out of hand it’s beyond the point of being lost by one pitcher, even Dan Kolb.

  24. According to Sportsline, Damian Easley is now the DH. Apparently the rules just changed.

  25. Kolb here, reporting from 90 feet away and 3 feet above home plate. Let’s see if I can make it interesting. Pierre hasn’t been doing so hot lately. I think I’ll help him get his confidence back.

  26. I saw the DH thing…the American League has infected us!

    So has KOLBB. He must die.

  27. Obviously, these guys haven’t seen me enough to know what kind of damage I can inflict on a scoreboard. They are probably late for their dinner reservation or it’s past McKeon’s bedtime.

    Bunch of weak sisters!

  28. The Mets imploded by letting a confused Aaron Heilman pitch middle relief because he isn’t very good as a reliever. Good thing is, Urbina’s in the game and doing his Boom Boom impression. It’s 8-4 Phillies going into the 9th.

  29. We got three strong innings out of the bullpen tonight. And one by Kolb, who looks to have gotten insanely lucky.

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