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  1. Is it wrong that my nickname for Wilson is Betty? ‘Atta boy, Betty.

  2. From today’s Charley Walter column in the St. Paul Pioneer Press:

    “The Atlanta Braves need an outfielder, and Braves superscout Jim Fregosi was at the Metrodome for Tuesday night’s Twins-Indians game. Twins general manager Terry Ryan declined comment on the possibility of a deal.”

    Could the Braves really be looking to trade one of their middle infielders? That’s what the Twins need the most.

  3. Read this on SI.COM:

    The Braves need an outfielder, and Braves superscout Jim Fregosi was at Tuesday night’s Twins-Indians game. Twins GM Terry Ryan declined comment on the possibility of a deal.
    — St. Paul Pioneer Press

    … I didn’t realize the Twins had anyone in the outfield that the Braves were interested in. Calling Lew Ford? Jacque Jones? Torii Hunter? …

  4. I saw that earlier. I worry about things like that. I assume they would trade Betimit, although that sure would piss me off. And what are we going to get from Minnesota? Jacque Jones? No thanks. I can’t see them trading any of their relievers.

  5. So the Braves are showcasing Betemit tonight? If so, he picked the right time to get things going.

    By the way, Jenny, don’t forget the Atlanta Botanical Gardens.

  6. There’s been talk about Jacque Jones, and was a lot of that in the offseason (before Kubel got hurt) and I suppose it’s possible. I would think that the Braves would want a reliever as well if they traded Furcal. Betemit might be a different story.

  7. Braves win.
    Braves win.

    and Dan Kolb was warming up.

    Thank God Reitsma came through.

    By the way…TRADE furcal and keep Betemit, My head has been turned on this deal.

  8. The question is can Betemit play SS everyday and keep from making a boatload of errors? Does anyone know his fielding percentages in the minors? I will say that his defense has been better over the last few weeks, but I still haven’t seen great range from him. On the other hand, Furcal’s defense has improved while his offense has stunk up the place.

  9. I hope we’re looking for bullpen help from the Twins. 4 of 6 of their relievers have an ERA under 3.00 and another is at 3.18. This is impressive to say the least. I hope the Braves trade Furcal, but I don’t see much of an upgrade for the Twins over Castro or Bartlett – both have about 90 abs and have hovered b/t .240 & .260.

  10. Amazing how far one player can fall in a year. Why not sign him if he rejects his assignment?

    From STATS, Inc:

    Jun 1 The Kansas City Royals designated Eli Marrero for assignment on Tuesday. The 31-year-old catcher/utilityman was hitting .159 with four homers and nine RBI in 32 games this season. He was 3-for-35 (.086) against righthanded pitching, and he wasn’t much better against lefties (.208-4-7).

    Advice: A year ago, Marrero batted .415 and slugged .670 in 106 at-bats against southpaws. The Royals were hoping he would continue his onslaught against lefties after he was acquired in a trade with Atlanta during the offseason. Now they have 10 days to trade him, release him or run him through waivers.

  11. For some reason, if Atlanta were looking to deal Furcal to the Twins, I could see them being interested in Shannon Stewart: Lead-off batter (replacing Furcal), left fielder, proven vet, and by all accounts a good guy.

    That being said, having Betemit and Chipper on the left side doesn’t sound like a good compliment to GB-heavy pitchers like Hudson and Hampton.

  12. Someone on the Braves official forum has posted a completely wacky comment about Furcal being traded to the Rockies. I’m assuming this is a joke, but the trade rumors have really been flying! Is it possible that Furcal’s offensive problems have been caused in part by his bum right shoulder? Every time he swings and misses left-handed, he has to hop around the plate for about 20 seconds. Is this the same one he had surgery on? I don’t know if this is a reasonable explanation, but since he was out of the lineup last night, it occurred to me. What also occurred to me was that if he HAD been in the game, he would have been leading off, Marcus would be hitting second, and that go-ahead single wouldn’t have happened. Nice injury timing, Raffy!

  13. Furcal to the Rockies makes zero sense, with Clint Barmes playing so well for them and no hole over at second base.

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