The Nightmare

I swear to God, I had this dream last night… The Braves were in the World Series, playing the A’s. (I don’t know where my subconscious dredged that up from.) I had to work that night, but had hooked up a TV in my office. Hudson was pitching, and had a shutout through seven, and the Braves scored three in the top of the eighth to make it 4-0. Bobby calls for the bullpen to start the eighth. I get called away, and when I come back it’s 5-4 A’s.

So, what do you think this means?

6 thoughts on “The Nightmare”

  1. if this were to happen, it would mean we get past the Cardinals and the Padres, and I would celebrate that no matter what!

  2. Also, you didn’t say it was game 7, so even if we lose, it’s ok (probably…)

  3. No way the A’s are going to make the series this year, so I’d say there was something funny in the Chinese food. :)

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