Horacio on DL with “tendonitis”

Hi, it’s Juan Cruz again. I haven’t pitched since May 22, but with Horacio Ramirez going on the DL the Braves would rather give an emergency start to Travis Smith — he of the career 6.91 ERA in 56 major league innings — than give me a try. Is it my breath?

8 thoughts on “Horacio on DL with “tendonitis””

  1. Thank you for doing that. I wish somebody would send something like that to Bobby Cox. I swear, what is wrong with Juan? Is it his breath?

  2. According to Cox, Cruz’s arm is not stretched out to start. He fears that it would be a risk to have him go 5 innings. It may be wise to send him down to AAA to stretch his arm out, but in this case, Cox is right.

  3. Then what is Bobby saving him for? What’s the point of using a roster spot on a guy who pitches two innings once a week? Especially since the team is really shorthanded and could use another pinch-hitter?

  4. I didn’t do too bad guys. But it doesn’t matter who pitches if we don’t get any run support.

  5. I don’t have any problem with today’s decision. But Cruz’ use pattern is certainly open to question. They don’t seem to have a clue how they want to use him.

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