– MLB – Recap – Nationals at Braves

Dan Kolb validated my fears yesterday, turning a 3-1 Braves lead into a loss in the ninth. He walked two and allowed an 0-2 single to load the bases. He looked for a moment like he might get out of it, allowing one of those runs to score while getting two outs, but then a gapper scored two and lost the game. He was lucky to only give up three runs. Everything he threw was up in the zone, and was either a ball or screaming “hit me!”

Kolb blew a beauty of a start by Tim Hudson. Hudson went eight, allowing six hits, not walking any, and allowing one solo homer. 67 of his 102 pitches were strikes.

The Braves had nine hits, scattered among five players; Estrada and the corner outfielders were hitless. Pete Orr had a big game, going 3-4 and scoring twice. Chipper had a two-run double in the sixth to put the Braves ahead. The other run came in the fourth on Andruw’s sac fly.

Jordan is now hitting .167 and Mondesi .154. Meanwhile, Andy Marte is hitting .435 and Jeff Francoeur .400. I’m just saying… The bottom ninth inning was interrupted by rain after two pitches, which didn’t help a whole lot but probably didn’t affect the score… Day game today, Tomo Okha versus Thomson. The Braves retain a one-game lead, but now on Florida, Philadelphia, and Washington.