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Five more scoreless innings from Smoltz, mostly against the real Cardinals — I think Reggie Sanders was the only one off today. John allowed four hits and didn’t walk anyone, though he only recorded one strikeout. Childers, Miner, and Colon finished up.

Andruw hit another homer, his seventh of the spring. His slugging percentage is now 1.034 and he’s hitting .310, though he hasn’t walked much. (Not that you expect many walks in spring. Chipper hasn’t drawn one yet.) Langerhans homered as well, playing right field for the injured Mondesi. Jordan played left and was 1-3. Furcal had three hits and is hitting .357. Esix Snead relieved Andruw and was 1-2 with a triple, and is now hitting .360. That’s scary, especially if Mondesi isn’t ready to start the season. I’d hate to see the Braves give up on Langerhans to keep a nonentity like Snead, who is DeWayne Wise without the power.