Another note on relievers

Normally, I would fill out the bullpen with two more names, then do an entry for “other relief possibilities” here. In this case, though, I think I’ll do separate entries for a number of pitchers because I’m not sure about these last spots — even less than usual. The first five guys all would have to pitch their way off the roster, but that’s not true of anyone from here on out. I’ll also do an entry on Jay Powell, who certainly won’t be ready to start the season but who would be there if healthy.

6 thoughts on “Another note on relievers”

  1. At some point. Will he make it to start the season? That, I don’t know. He’s probably the leader for the last righthanded spot. I mean, sixteen pitchers made at least one relief appearance last season. That’s a bit high, but not unprecedented.

  2. Vazquez = high ERA, but very good strikeout numbers in relief. There’s some definite potential there. If some of the Braves coaches tinkered with him a bit, he could be very useful.

  3. Worthless guys pitch in the majors all the time. You’re carrying 12 pitchers, you don’t want to use any good prospects to fill out those last three spots, worthless guys get jobs. Do the words “Travis Smith” ring a bell? You’re not lefthanded, are you?

    As Tanto says, Vasquez has some interesting strikeout numbers in the minors, 10.7/9IP for his career. The magic words are “control problems” — 4.1 BB/9IP last year. He’s a good project for Leo.

  4. Oh, I know worthless guys get the job all the time. I was really just trying to get your take on what his potential is, per se. I was too lazy to go check him out for myself. I guess I should know by now everyone’s got potential when combined with those three magical letters, L-e-o.

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