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Bobby says he’ll be back next year. (If the Braves win the Series, I’d think he’d reconsider. If not, he probably will.) He’s currently ninth on the all-time wins list. Next season, he will pass Leo Durocher and (barring an historic collapse — like putting up the worst season of all time) Walter Alston, which would put him seventh. With two more good seasons, he could be as high as fourth, assuming LaRussa, who’s a little more than a season’s worth of wins ahead of him, doesn’t retire.

7 thoughts on “Just a note”

  1. All this year, I’ve told myself that this team will play to the best of its ability. Whatever level they reach will be fine.
    That all ended yesterday. I got the fever for the the Braves to win it all just like I have the last dozen years.
    Anybody else feel this way?
    Braves rule!
    World Champions 4004!
    Go Braves!

  2. Radio version.

    Chipper was hit in the back of the right hand by Zambrano pitch. Struck high near the wrist. Pete worries that it looks like the same spot that ended Horner’s ’84 season. Chipper left game assumably to visit the x-ray man. Betemit is playing third. Can Eli play third?

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