– MLB – Recap

I’m too disgusted to write much. Paul Byrd took a loss he didn’t deserve, going 6 2/3 and allowing only two runs, at least one of which was largely DeRosa’s fault. Juan Cruz, whom I have have been talking up all year, stunk up the joint in the ninth, allowing five baserunners and two runs to let the Phillies get out of reach. The Braves had only three hits, two by Julio and one by Marrero, the latter of which drove in their only run. Drew left the game after getting hit in the elbow with a pitch and the Braves aren’t even retaliating. I don’t really agree with retaliating but right now I could use a little. As expected, the Marlins beat the Mets again and are only seven back, five in the loss column. Yeah, seven games up with 24 games to play is a lot, but ask the Phillies how quickly a lead can vanish, and the Braves still have six games left with the Marlins.

Tomorrow night’s game will be on TBS Ortiz versus Cory Lidle, who has a 5 ERA but from the way the Braves swung the bat today will probably throw a perfect game. The only good news is that afterwards the Expos and Mets are next up.