– MLB – Recap

Missed opportunities. The Braves began the game with the bases loaded, and didn’t score. They ended the game with the bases loaded, and didn’t score. In between, they left six other runners on base.

Jeff Weaver, the Dodger pitcher, hit Drew, Chipper, and Estrada in order in the first with two out, but Andruw popped up. Then Hampton loaded the bases with one out and gave up a grand slam to Shawn Green. The Braves never could catch up. They cut it to 4-2 in the third on a Drew homer, but Hampton allowed another homer to Green to make it 5-2. They cut it to 5-3, but Hampton allowed another run to make it 6-3, then Cruz, in relief, another in the next inning to make it 7-3. The offense did just enough to come back, but not enough to overcome giving up more runs.

Andruw left the game in the sixth with an injury. I’m not sure of the nature of it… The Marlins play the Padres tonight. The Phillies just started, and the Mets have won. Just keeping track… The best the Braves can do is get back to where they were relative the Dodgers before this series started. Jaret Wright hopes to bounce back against Wilson Alvarez. The game’s supposed to be on TBS. Then back to Atlanta for series against the Rockies and Giants.