– MLB – Burrell to have wrist surgery, out for season – Monday August 9, 2004 4:46PM

It’s not the deathblow, but it reduces the Phillies to basically three productive players: Abreu, Thome, and Utley. (Even the marginally productive David Bell is hurting, too.) For some reason, the AP story says that “he’ll be replaced in left field by a combination of Doug Glanville, Jason Michaels and rookie Lou Collier.” Collier made his major league debut in 1997. Leaving that aside, trading Ricky Ledee really looks bad now. Doug Glanville, left fielder?

The Phillies also traded for Cory Lidle. I said in comments that he’d replace Millwood, but actually he replaces Paul Abbott; the Phillies expect Vicente Padilla back this week to replace Millwood. Lidle is an “upgrade” in that he doesn’t kill the team’s chances in every start, but they’ll still need to score five runs to overcome him. Padilla, healthy, would be a good boost. Not enough to make up for that left field combo. Who would have thought that the Braves would not only be stronger in left field than the Phillies, but that they’d do it with a Marrero/Thomas platoon?