I don’t know what the problem is with Reitsma, but it’s clear that right now he’s a terrible pitcher. Why in the world did you ever bring him in to a tight game in the eighth? If we end up losing this game…

14 thoughts on “GODDAMMIT BOBBY!!!!!”

  1. Amen, brother! I cringed when I heard Reitsma’s name introduced. Furcal’s error didn’t cost the Braves as much as Reitsma’s inability to pitch effectively. Once again, Cruz is conspicuous by his absence.

  2. Reitsma’s performance (and Cox’s determination to keep him in the game)serve as commentary on the rumors about the trade for Walker. JS is smart enough to see that it is the bullpen which is the problem…

  3. I have seen enough of Reitsma, thats for sure. Over the last few weeks he has been Philly’s best pitcher.

  4. Seriously, what happened to Reitsma? He was very good earlier this year, it seems like he just hit the wall all of a sudden.

    What a turn around from earlier this year. I was actually screaming at(not really screaming at, more like sternly talking to) the TV, telling Bobby to put in Alfonseca.

    Shows what a wierd year it’s been.

    Bottom of the ninth now, Giles, Drew, and Chipper due up.

    Lets end it here boys.

  5. OK, remember my previous entry and my desire of Alfonseca? Nevermind.

    I would of asked for Juan Cruz earlier of course, but I knew Bobby would never go that route, Alfonseca had been effective recently.


  6. the only people in the pen i really like is Cruz and Alfonseca everyone else seems to disapoint on a regular basis.. here comes Grybowski oi…

    so why is it that bobby doesnt’ like cruz??

  7. I am starting to build up a dislike for Eddie Perez as well. Most defensive replacement type cathers don’t make errors on back to back days.

  8. I’m really would have liked Bobby to have taken off the bunt with one strike. Eli’s a great fastball hitter…

  9. There are no updates on the ESPN gamecast or the Brave official site. They both still sho Eli with 2 strikes and Andruw on first

  10. with bases loaded and 1 out, Marcus, on a 3-1 count, grounds to third and Andruw is forced at home. J.D. then breaks his bat on a hard liner… right to Thome. Game Over.

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