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I’ve been thinking about JC’s discussion of expanding football — maybe with a spring league. I figure such a league would have 8, 10, or 12 teams. Three teams would be in New York (you might even get the city to spruce up Shea for football to get a team inside the city), LA, and Chicago. The others would go in areas that (like LA) don’t have football. So where?

The largest population areas without pro football (those marked with an * have no major professional sports, including hockey) are:

Rank City
02… LA
13… Riverside (CA – aka “Inland Empire”)*
24… Portland
27… Sacramento
29… Orlando
30… San Antonio
31… San Jose
32… Las Vegas*
33… Columbus (OH)
34… Virginia Beach/Norfolk*
36… Providence*
39… Austin*
42… Memphis
44… Louisville*
45… Hartford*
46… Richmond*
47… Oklahoma City (has the Hornets part-time but they are moving out)

These are all larger than Buffalo, the second-smallest market in the NFL. The smallest is, by far, Green Bay, but I count that as Milwaukee.

49… Birmingham*
50… Rochester (NY)*
51… Salt Lake City

That’s every metro area over a million. I am insane. Anyway, here’s my alignment of a 12-team league:

New York
Somewhere In Virginia

Los Angeles OR Inland Empire
San Antonio
San Jose OR Sacramento

What do you think? Other than that I’m insane?
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