The Red Sox, and their fans, seem to have turned on Nomar Garciaparra. Word is that he’s on the block, and that he might not even finish the upcoming series in a Red Sox uniform.

Given that the Braves are looking to cut future salary but might take on a little more this year…




I’m just speculating, I have no reason to think this could happen. But it makes sense. Garciaparra is a free agent after the season, he has Atlanta connections, of course, and he’s a righthanded power bat.

UPDATE: I was wondering who would lead off. Marcus, when he gets back, I guess. Or Thomas/Marrero could.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Bill Shanks is claiming that someone in the Braves organization mentioned Nomar for Furcal and Ortiz as a possibility to him. Either this is a real rumor that I somehow picked up out of the ether, or we’re making up the same thing. Your call. It makes a good deal of sense, anyway.