This Travis Smith thing isn’t working out

You can’t have a pitcher who gives up this many home runs. It just won’t work. Next!

3 thoughts on “This Travis Smith thing isn’t working out”

  1. Agreed. I’m assuming Hampton and Ramirez will both be back from their respective injuries this week, so he’d be gone either way.

    What to do with Cruz? I’d really rather have him go down and pitch the rest of the season at AAA, starting, than keep this mop-up bullpen role. He needs regular work, period.

  2. Trey Hodges had a decent outing for Richmond today: 7 IP, 5 H, 2 ER, 1 BB, 4 SO

    Can he be next? I would vote for Juan Cruz, but today was a disaster for him.

  3. It’s hard for any pitcher to thrive when he’s being used like Cruz. (Sit for ten days, then come in to pitch the fourth when the starter’s blown out, then sit five days, then pitch three innings.) He should go to Richmond and start, but I don’t understand what the Braves are doing with their pen.

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