The Wallypippification of DeWayne Wise

If Eli Marrero keeps this up, there’s not going to be a left field platoon anytime soon. (Of course, keeping this up has always been Marrero’s problem — he’s good in stretches then some calamity befalls him.) And Adam LaRoche can’t be too thrilled either.

4 thoughts on “The Wallypippification of DeWayne Wise”

  1. if jaret wright keeps this up, I might start to have some hope again. amazing (as of the fifth, HAH!)

  2. Wright’s surely impressive through six — two hits, two walks, and eight strikeouts! Almost incidentally, no runs. Of course, this is the danger zone for him, but I’m starting to feel a little foolish about not wanting Wright in the rotation.

  3. Incredible through 7. Remember when you posted Wright’s number’s in May? Small sample size and whatnot, but he HAS been making progress. An interesting aside about this. Will Carroll made a comment in a recent UTK about the work Leo has done on this staff’s mechanics. Interesting because he specifically mentions Wright.

    Wish me luck tomorrow and sunday. SF and Barry in Baltimore. Hope to see one catch the warehouse. that would be amazing.

  4. awb – I wish you enough luck that they actually pitch to him; seeing 6 BB in 8 PA would be a drag.

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