He can’t hit a major league breaking ball. We’re not talking Andruw Jones-style vulnerability — we’re talking full-fledged Pedro Cerrano-style “I’ll swing at any curveball and miss every time”. He can’t even hit Roberto Hernandez’s curveball. If he and I had a curveball-hitting contest, it would be a tie, because neither of us would ever hit one. I don’t know why the Braves don’t realize this — 15 other National League teams have.

2 thoughts on “Hessman”

  1. I was forced to listen to Harry Kalis and company today, so I couldn’t witness it. But from my viewing of Hessman, I have never seen a hitter have so much trouble with the low pitch. If it’s down, it seems he’s down and out.

  2. They have to do something. In fact they had to do something before LaRoche got hurt. Hessman will now get some sort of extended chance to show whether or not he is as good as Wes Helms or not. I can’t believe I just typed that last sentence. Hopefully Franco will be getting a lot of chances once he is back.

    DeRo has an 8 game hitting streak. I don’t want to jinx the guy but could he be breaking out of it?

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