Baseball America – Greenville Braves Stats

19 games, 73 AB, 4 HR, .274/.346/.466. If he keeps that up, how long before Braves blink? If they’re in striking distance at the end of the month, and DeRosa keeps doing his Butch Hobson impression, can they not?

Trolling through Brad‘s territory… In Richmond, Langerhans is all the way “down” to .275/.378/.464. God knows we couldn’t use that. Dave Nilsson is hitting .324/.390/.432. If LaRoche continues to struggle — he looked like he was coming out of it early in the road trip but was pretty awful at the end — I think they have to consider the big Aussie. Ray Aguilar has to have some terrible luck. He’s thrown 19 innings, struck out 18, walked 5, hasn’t allowed a homer… but has allowed 30 hits and is 1-1 with a 4.74 ERA. It’s probably Betemit’s fault.

In Greenville, Marte’s actually been outhit by a couple of outfielders, Adam Stern and Billy McCarthy, neither of whom is really considered a prospect. The team’s 6-19 because the rest of the cupboard is pretty bare. You don’t want to know how Macay McBride is pitching.

Jeff Francoeur isn’t doing much in Myrtle Beach — .247/.309/.388 — but then it’s Myrtle Beach. A couple of guys do seem to have it figured out, Zo Ruelas (whom I don’t know) and Scott Thorman, who’s probably the Braves’ best long-term hope at first if Chipper doesn’t move there. Jonathan Livingston Seagull Not A Nepotism Case Scheurholz, by the way, is hitting .129/.239/.194 there, even though he’s 23 (24 next month) a college player in his third season in the organization and playing in A Ball… Eight of the thirteen pitchers the Pelicans have used this season have ERAs 2.77 or lower. Four are below 2. Efigenio Peralta has pitched 19 2/3 innings and has a .92 ERA with 20 strikeouts. Myrtle Beach is a great place for freak stat lines.

The players in Rome are generally unfamiliar to me as yet. Best line: Matt Esquivel, .360/.396/.616.