“Hi, I’m Juan Cruz. I was last seen on April 22. If you have any information, please call the Center for Missing and Unexploited Ballplayers at 1-555-MCGLINCHY.”

8 thoughts on “HAVE YOU SEEN ME?”

  1. Haven’t pitched in 9 days? Let’s see what you can do in Coors. Not much? See ya’ in June.

  2. I should know this but what the heck happened to McGlinchy? I should know this too but what was the name of the pitcher that we traded for B.J. Surhoff? He was supposed to be a can’t miss prospect. I wonder what happned to him?

    I tuned in to the game just in time to see how ugly it was. Changed channels.

  3. McGlinchy was drafted by the Devil Rays in the Rule 5 draft and the man we traded for Surhoff was Luis Vizquino (sp?)

  4. Luis Rivera, actually. Rivera was promising, but blew out his arm. As did McGlinchy. Reports differ as to whether the latter was already hurt or if his arm simply got weak from lack of use…

  5. you’re right, I should’ve remembered that. I think Peter Gammonds compared him to Mariano Rivera…. I guess that didn’t work out.

  6. Thanks guys, I’m getting old and forgetful. Once read in Sporting News that Rivera’s eventual stardom would make the Brave’s rue the day they traded him.

  7. Rivera was a big guy, but had really small arms. He was the first thalidomide baby to make the major leagues, but probably the last, as they’re getting too old to be considered prospects.

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