Bleah. The Braves took a 2-0 lead in the third Marcus Giles’ homer, then apparently decided that was enough and didn’t get another hit until Andruw had an infield single with two out in the ninth. Meanwhile, the desiccated corpse of Barry Larkin had a two-run single for the Reds in the fifth (after they scored a run in the fourth) to give them the lead, and eventually the win.

John Thomson started out looking like he was going to repeat his last start, cruising through the third. But his control wasn’t quite as sharp, and he wasn’t getting the strikeouts he did last time either. Still, it was good enough to keep the Braves in the game.

JD Drew did return to the lineup, walking twice. Rafael Furcal had a single and scored in front of Marcus’ homer… Batting averages of tonight’s Braves starting lineup after the game: .158, .385, .172, .245, .176, .111, .262, .196, .000. So what I guess I’m saying is they missed Chipper.