4 thoughts on “Owies”

  1. I plan on reading the phrase “Drew hopes to play . . .” or “Drew hopes to be ready by . . .” alot this season. For God’s sake doesn’t he stretch before games?

  2. The Braves don’t stretch before games as a team like some other teams apparently do. From what I’ve heard, the jury’s still out on whether stretching is effective for injury prevention before doing anything athletic. Browse through some information on the subject and you will find it just as mixed up and contradictory as dieting information. So whether or not Drew stretches could be irrelevant. He’s just an injury-prone dude -no science necessary to figure that one out!

  3. I can only speak from personal experience on the softball circuit, but I seem to always strain my hammy when running hard after stretching out. I never stretch before games anymore, and I have experienced a lot less pain because of it (or I guess despite it, depending on your point of view).

  4. At least everyone is close to coming back – no DL stints. Good news that Chipper is back; our outfield should be at least ML average now (though Wise did a pretty good job filling in)

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