This isn’t helping

MARTA change no hit with fans

Is the city trying to kill Braves attendance? I mean, it’s bad enough there’s hardly any parking and that they built the stadium away from downtown. (The Falcons get to play downtown. The Hawks get to play downtown. The only team that ever wins anything, they get to play in a slum.)

Anyway, now MARTA has — two years after being forced to back down on this — moved the shuttle pickup to the World of Coca Cola Plaza from the Five Points station. What’s worse, they’re charging $1.75 for the return trip — and didn’t tell passengers this on their way in.

7 thoughts on “This isn’t helping”

  1. Ugh, that’s awful. I live about a 5 minute walk up Marietta St from Five Points MARTA, and have always made spontaneous decisions on attending games knowing that I could easily walk there. Oh well, I guess I can still walk to Hawks games easily! *shudder*

  2. Yeah, last night we had tickets which came with a parking pass so we went had to sit in traffic for 20 minutes, usually not an issue because we normally park at a chinese resturaunt on the oppisite side of the stadium where there is no traffic.

  3. Well, that was an awesome game tonight. Can’t wait to read the writeup mac.

    But is this not sad news?: Joe Mauer, phenom-in-waiting, is now out for a month with a knee sprain, and instead of us getting to watch this natural kid (i was excited), “veteran Henry Blanco” is going to become the Twins starting catcher!

    Yuk! :)

  4. On and off for the last couple years they’ve done this. I don’t think it’s a huge deal. The point is certainly to try and trick people into buying stuff while walking through Underground, but it’s only about a block’s difference.

    That $1.75 thing does suck though. theoretically you are taking Marta anyway though right? And you would have to pay at 5 points (unless you live right downtown and were taking the shuttle for free) anyway.

    This is off topic a little but for the opener I took the train but my dad drove and got stuck in some kind of major traffic snafu and didn’t get there till the third inning. Apparently it got a lot of people because several other folks sitting around us were talking about it too.

  5. Good to see the offense is capable of bailing out bad starting pitching every once in a while.

    The crowd was much smaller than opening night, partially held down by some idiot threatening to jump off an I-85 overpass just south of the stadium, causing the police to block all lanes. We joked that the Mets fans probably went there instead to provide, you know, encouragement….

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