Baseball Prospectus – Team Health Reports: Atlanta Braves

Most of the Braves get green lights. The exceptions, however, include reds for JD Drew and Wright, and yellows for Smoltz, Julio, and Ramirez. (Actually, “the entire pen is running on yellow lights”, but he only lists the closer.)

Like me, Carroll “can’t see [Wright] remaining healthy in a starter’s role.” I suppose if he could stay healthy you might wind up with a quality pitcher — one who once showed ace ability — cheap, but is it worth the risk? Julio’s yellow is age, as I guess (from the other side) is Ramirez’s. The medical problems of the others are, I guess, well known

On the other hand, Carroll comes up with this question about Paul Blair dropping off at age 30 (comparing him to Andruw): “I’m curious, was it an injury?” Either he’s woefully ignorant or that is a very tasteless joke. Blair’s beaning was actually at age 26, but that’s when his decline as a hitter started, his numbers going down as the league offense went up. Blair had a little renaissance at age 29-30, then fell off the cliff, but he was already a damaged player and who can tell how that might resonate?