Okay, he’s not Willie Mays. But let’s all get a little perspective here. This is a Gold Glove centerfielder, about to turn all of 27 years old, who hits 35 homers a year like clockwork (actual numbers each of the last four seasons: 36, 34, 35, 36) and whose other peripherals are okay — not great, but okay. It would be nice if one year he put all of the rest of his game together and hit .303 (like in 2000) with 83 walks (like in 2002) and stole 27 bases in 31 attempts (like in 1998), but appreciate what you have. And maybe he will have that monster year this year.

I see little evidence that he’s slowing down defensively, but he definitely has on the basepaths. He only attempted seven stolen bases last year, and was caught three times; he grounded into 18 double plays, a career high… I should point out that his most-similar hitter is still Ruben Sierra (as it has been since he was 21) and Sierra fell off a cliff at 27. Or “27” — I think that was a baseball age. And he isn’t really comparable to Sierra anymore — a 900 simscore… Now sixth on the franchise home run list with 221, and barring injury or total collapse will pass Joe Adcock for fifth sometime this year. Will also move into the top ten in RBI and possibly in doubles.

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