The Prodigal Backup. I have to give Eddie credit. Three years ago, he looked done, his arm shredded and his bat slowed to a crawl. In his last two seasons in the Braves’ organization, he combined for 7 hits in 32 AB over 12 games and saw Greg Maddux adopt Paul Bako as his new little buddy. This was after stinking up the joint as a regular for most of 1999 when Javy blew out his knee.

Eddie managed to rehab enough to get 117 ABs for a theoretically rebuilding Indians team in 2002, but hit only .214/.252/.291. At that stage, he hadn’t hit a homer in three years and his career looked over. He hooked up with the Brewers and was decent last year, hitting .271/.304/.420. That’s not great, but for a catcher it’s more than serviceable. However, he did most of his damage in 76 ABs against lefties, hitting .342/.386/.500 against them. Against righties, he hit .252, which seems okay, but without many walks (.280) or power (.398). The Brewers, playing him semi-regularly, let him get more than three-quarters of his ABs against righties.

As you know, Bobby has used his backup catcher to catch one pitcher over recent years — mostly Eddie himself to catch Maddux. But a platoon arrangement might be better for the new team, especially since Eddie doesn’t have any experience catching any of these guys. I don’t have splits for Estrada, but typically switch-hitters do better left-handed. If that’s the case with him, a platoon arrangement could work… Perez is now a serious defensive downgrade on the starter and can’t throw much at all.

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