Tales from the Whiteside

I hear that the Braves have brought Matt Whiteside back to pitch in Richmond, which is way too close to the majors for my taste. I christened him Matt Darkside even before he broke his hand throwing his glove into his locker.

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  1. From a few entries down from the one you linked to:

    “John Smoltz took his place on the roster! John will work out of the bullpen for the foreseeable future.”

    The past is cool.

  2. Go down a little and you see this on Troy Cameron, the throw-in in the Rocker trade: “He’s similar to players that the Indians already have, notably Russell Branyan…” Whoa. Also, severe Lockhart bashing involving the [blink] tag which you can’t see if you’re not on Netscape.

  3. Mac,

    Well I just got my chop talk in the mail. There was a personal article by Will Cunnane. Will mentioned being Dusty Baker saying, “Will you are 29, you need to step it up.” We all know that Will improved as a Brave, but this was after breaking his hand in the Cubs’ AAA dugout and being released. So there’s another mention of a pitcher breaking his own hand and because of that he became a Brave and was very successful for us. I swear this happens all the time to players, it seems there are more players than you think who injure themselves in the dugout.

  4. Yeah, but Darkside didn’t break his hand punching a wall. He broke his hand throwing his glove into his locker. How did he manage that?

    Hasn’t improved his pitching, anyway.

  5. The Sporting News/Fox Sports is reporting on the team-by-team fly bys that the Braves may bring Fred McGriff to spring training.

    Anybody thank that might be a good idea? Or would it end up slowing LaRoche’s development?

  6. Yeah I just got my first baseman’s glove out, its a little bigger, but I can’t imagine how he did it either. My guess is his hand, not the glove, hit the locker, but it definitely didn’t help his pitching. I really don’t know how he lost his temper that much to break his hand, but you gotta admit its funny.

    As for McGriff, I doubt it, as much as I’d like to see McGriff back, it won’t happen. We have several players Branyan, Marrero, LaRoche, Franco, and DeRosa we can play first. Also I feel that at the age of 24, LaRoche doesn’t really need any more time in the minors, which is why he should probably get major league playing time. Still McGriff would help fan morale and make up for not having Maddux winning his 300th, but having the opportunity to have McGriff hit his 500th.

  7. I wish they’d brought Fred in last year. The Braves probably would have beat the Cubs if they’d had a first baseman do anything positive at all. Or even just avoid any negatives.

    Right now, with Branyan on board as a possible insurance policy if LaRoche isn’t ready, I don’t see it. Still, Fred would be a heck of a bench player.

  8. The return of Crime Dog would be fun for Braves fans and possibly a significant asset. LaRoche has great potential is ready, but remains unproven; at the same time, Branyan, who may well be a nice catch, has been plagued by injuries and also has some proving to do. That said, it remains the case that since Franco, Marrero and Hessman are all in the mix, it is probably nothing more than idle speculation. I hope that I am wrong.

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