– MLB – Recap – Cubs at Braves – 10/05/2003

Ah, hell.

This wasn’t really a game so much as it was a victory parade for the Cubs. The Braves never appeared to be in it, as the Cubs got single runs in the first and second and went up 4-0 on a homer in the sixth. That was it. The Braves at that point had had three baserunners, all with two out.

They had one chance, in the bottom of the sixth. Furcal walked, Giles singled, and Sheffield lined to center, where Lofton trapped the ball. Giles was thrown out at second as Furcal scored the only Braves run. Maybe if Giles gets to second in time, they could have rallied, but he didn’t, and Chipper grounded into a double play after that. The Braves never got the tying run to the plate.

I can’t feel bad for the Cubs or their fans, even if many of those fans appear to be drunken louts. Good luck against the Marlins, and good luck to the A’s or Red Sox, whichever team gets Team Evil in the ALCS. I’ll try to write a “Where Do We Go From Here” post soon.

The story will be “Braves Fail”, of course. It’s unfair, and yet it’s what the media always write. It was a bad matchup, and this team was never supposed to make it this far. Remember, before the season they were picked for 85 wins and second place by the smarter writers. (The dumb ones picked them third because they continue to take the Mets seriously.) They have nothing to be ashamed of. Except for Robert Fick.